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Interior Decorating Tips for Those Who Live in Cloudy Locations

There’s no better place than home, but that doesn’t change the fact that living in a place with way too many overcast days a year can get to you.

There’s no better place than home, but that doesn’t change the fact that living in a place with way too many overcast days a year can get to you. Decorating your home to be cheerful and light is the best method of dealing with the glum outdoors. These interior design trick will also work for anyone who wants to make their home a more welcoming place that can put you in a good mood on any day.

Top 5 Interior Decorating Tips for Overcast Locations and Old Gloomy Houses

Use full-wall draperies to make the space cozy

Catching what little light you can from the windows might seem like a good idea, but if you live in a place where the light is scarce, you shouldn’t waste the effort. Having a full-wall drapery, on the oth4er hand, can cheer the place up and create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. This type of drapes will work best for bedrooms and living rooms.

Check out some great full-wall drapes ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. Remember that you should choose drapes of light colors and materials. Go for sheer colors without prints.

Add some candles

Candles make beautiful decorations and when lighted they can make any space seem cozy and warm. According to an experienced interior decorator in Montreal, a home is a place to soothe your soul, and candles can definitely do that. Montreal interior designers know how to make a home seem cheery when the sky is overcast because the weather there is cloudy nearly all year round (Weather Spark). Statistically, the consumption of candles per person has been increasing in the recent years, which proves the growing appreciation of them as an interior décor element.

You can use any candles to enhance your home interior and make it less gloomy. However, the best kind would be scented candles as they influence your sense of smell as well and can boost your mood through it.

Get a bold colored rug

The rug can become the centerpiece of your interior and the item that will take it from gloomy to cheery in an instant. To create this kind of effect, you should go for the brightest, downright outrageous rug you can find.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the only bright item in the room. In fact, this will make the interior look cheerier overall if you choose the neutral-light color scheme that will highlight the wonder of a rainbow-colored soft rug on the floor. It will be best if it’s soft and fluffy as you’ll want to spend a lot of time on that island of color on overcast days.

Choose matter over gloss

If possible make the majority of surfaces in the room matte. While it might seem that glossy polish will look better in a dark room, it actually makes it look less cozy because of the glare.

Matte surfaces reflect light equally, thus they won’t hurt your eyes under the bright LED lights.

Go ‘Scandinavian’

The residents of Scandinavian countries know exactly how dull living in an overcast location can be and they created an entire interior design style to deal with it. The main rules of the Scandinavian style seem to be ‘paint everything white’ and ‘use wood where you can’.

These are two principles you should be integrating into your home interior design. White is a great base color for any potentially dark space. And wood is a great contrast to it that makes an interior seem cozy instead of sharp.

Note that Scandinavians are also big on minimalism. Therefore, you should minimize the number of decorations in the room to make the pace feel and look lighter.