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We love art here at House of Coco and we love it even more so when we come across a new artist! Our head stylist sits down with artist and interior designer Christopher Ciccone

We welcome Christopher Ciccone – his art is vivid, bold and tells a story – we want to know more about the artist as we delve into his world…


  Christopher tell us about your average day 

I have no idea what an average day is.  My day can start with a bang or a whimper.  Sun comes up, eyes open, a shot of tequila in my green tea, a cigarette and then I ask myself what am I gonna do today!  On a good day that includes some meditation and a good run at Lake Hollywood – best way to start the day – how it will end I never know!

 Who inspires you? 

I am inspired by so many things it could be driving down Hollywood Boulevard and seeing some crazy person or a great movie, TV show, a great piece of architecture, a really good conversation with a stranger, a naked pic of guy. Everything can inspire, but that doesn’t mean it does – we live in hope.


 Your art is bold – there is a lot of emotion there – what pushes you to create a piece? 

I create in the moment and only when I am inspired that can happen at noon or at 3am – however, when push comes to shove I am inspired by humanity!

We live in a world of social media, as an artist this can be rewarding allowing you to showcase your woron the many platforms there are – do you feel this is a good thing?

 Social media for me has been an experiment in emotional strength – A few years back, I started posting images of my painting as they were being created it was a risk, but I took it.  I learned that my sense of self has to be removed from my social media It’s what I think of myself that matters, not what other people think.

You’ve had a colourful life – you’ve lived in the public eye – how do you deal with this?


I try my best not to think of the “public eye” as for how I deal with it I do my best to be the best kind of person I can be.  I am no saint nor have I ever been, but the public eye could never keep me from being an honourable man.

 We love interiors at House of Coco – and Interiors is also something you are also incredibly talented at – what is your favourite room and why?

An amazing bathroom.  I have a fixation on water, especially after a few martinis.  A great bath and a great shower are a must in my world.

 If you could paint a picture of one moment in your life – to capture the emotion you felt what would it be? If you’ve not already! 

That’s easy.  It would be the “Girlie Show” opening at Wembley Stadium.  I have never felt more alive or connected to the universe than I did that night.

  Tell us about the happiest moment of your life – those moments you look up to the sky and smile!

Same answer as above (Christopher smiles)


Christopher we love adventures at HoC  – we love to travel – what one place have you been that took your breath away? And where do you like to go to just switch off?

Venice to my breath away! and still does! When I’m looking to switch off, I love going to Laguna Beach, California – unfortunately that rarely happens, so I settle for escaping into my dreams

What are you working on at the minute? What can we expect from Mr Ciccone? 

At the moment I have just finished a documentary called “The Prince Of Ecatapec about the amazing explosion of contemporary art in Mexico and I am very proud of it! I am also looking to direct my first feature film, of a script I wrote called “Born To Be Bad” In the mean time I continue to love painting and interior design.

We are also silly here at HoC what is life without some fun? Christopher, we are being Invaded by super aliens who want to take over our world – and push their abstract and futuristic artists of their own on us and destroy our history! – you have been asked to save one artists work – the government has narrowed it down – but you can only choose one!!!!

Van Gogh
Jackson Pollock
Andy Warhol
Frida Kahlo
Actually – you have one of your own choices – and you would rather go with that! If so who?

That’s easy!! Frida Kahlo she is the epitome of strength, passion, and raw talent.  I wish I could have known her.

Christopher what a pleasure it has been! Thank you! We look forward to seeing your work! And being inspired!

Christopher’s art is available to buy




Art by Christopher Ciccone

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