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I recently took some time out to meet fashion newcomers Lussoti – making slow but effective ripples they’re sure to make an impact in 2017 – with the likes of Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea wearing their shoes! Teaming up with the group of fantastic fashion photographers and creative teams – they definitely have a bright future – as their motto goes ‘Style for the sole’ – clever! Lussoti consists of Luke and Gary – and all the shoes are all handmade in Italy.
What inspired you to go into the shoe industry?
I have always had a love for good shoes and fashion but after trying many different brands there was something lacking. I wanted to create a brand that has amazingly well made shoes with character, style that lasts. Shoes are the most important part of your outfit, get it right and your turning heads with your entire outfit get it wrong and well you’ve ruined the entire outfit.
 Which is your favourite shoe and why?
This is tough! and  it will probably change every season and every year but I have to say right now it is ‘Francesco’ our wholecut oxford. Why? Because it is new it is exciting and it is different! One piece of Italian leather no marks no cuts or scratches a wholecut piece that has deep patina colourings which takes hours to do by our craftsmen, then it has a rubber and leather sole unit which gives it a great contrast the orange rubber to the chestnut coloured leather is beautiful. The shoe allows flexibility – and this means you can dress it up with a suit or simply dress it down with a more casual ensemble – people haven’t seen a shoe like this before.
The fashion industry is cut throat and it takes a while to break through – what advice would you give a new label or designer wanting to follow their dreams
My advice would be similar to what others would say – I have to be truthful – if you really believe in yourself, your brand and your product then DO NOT quit keep going! Keep working and you will get there but you must be realistic weigh up if you do really have a worthwhile product and a brand that creates a difference. Whatever you do don’t give in and at times you will want to – just work through it – every obstacle is a journey.
The quality of your shoes is undeniably flawless – what important factors have you used to make sure you’re a cut above the rest
When we started out we didn’t want to go down the route that so many do and have the same shoe but changed slightly – we wanted to create shoes for men that would be an investment. The first thing we aimed for is quality and to achieve that we needed the best leather you can get which of course is Italian then we needed the best craftsmen alongside the best leather in Italy and we had to make our shoes ‘Handmade’ not ‘handcrafted’ not ‘handgrade’ but ‘handmade’ And to bring all this together we make sure we have timeless designs but also new innovative styles.
Where do you see your brand in 5 years 
worldwide.. that’s what we are aiming for. We want everyone to know our name and our product we want people to enjoy handmade shoes everywhere where they are not getting charged 300+ for a basic handmade shoe with cheap leather.
What was the beginning of your journey?
The beginning started in Italy! Its where some of the greatest brands in the world are some of the greatest shoes its where all the inspiration is from but mixing that with our own designs and mixing the best of Italian and British shoes together we bring something no one has seen before.
Who would you like wearing your shoes?
Great question! lets go for David Beckham and the reason for that is lets be real here he has everything! he is an idol to everyone and I would of said a couple of years ago he cant get any better but I think we could get him just that tiny bit better wearing a pair of our shoes.
What can we expect from Lussoti next season?
Next season we have some great new styles coming out were also bringing in some leather accessories which are amazing! Even a full leather suitcase which is quite special.
What classic vintage shoe would you modernise if you got the opportunity?
Easy for me the brogues.. probably shouldn’t play with such a classic like this we have great brogues but next season we have put an Italian twist on one and its fantastic.. keep your eyes peeled!
What is the Lussoti ethos?
Great Quality that lasts, Style and of course great customer service everyone deserves some luxury in their life.

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