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Is Breitling Colt A Good Timepiece?

Is Breitling Colt A Good Timepiece?

Colt is a robust series of the brand's wristwatch collection.

June 29th, 2020

Colt is a robust series of the brand’s wristwatch collection. It has a great contribution to the military and supplied to the armed forces after its making in the 1980s. The utilitarian design of timepieces is a distinctive characteristic of this series. It features legibility and elegant design along with an affordable price range. This is available in both quartz and automatic movements and COSC -certified which was approved in 2000. The collection contains breathtaking designs for both men and women. So, it is not wrong to call these watches the pinnacle of Breitling fine watchmaking.

Let us explore the exceptional features of this fully-functional wristwatch series and check out if it is worth buying.

Meet Military demands:

The Colt collection was originally manufactured by Breitling to meet the requirements of the military. This brand is famous for making reliable and optimal precision-based watches. Since the watch is intended for military operations, optimal legibility and high-level of quality need to be maintained. So following the tradition of Breitling as watchmaking specialist, the new series was introduced.

Colt was equipped with an in-house caliber for a higher level of accuracy. It is highly shockproof. The timepieces were designed to withstand intense pressure and water resistance to over 600ft. To ensure the higher level of readability, the hands and hour-makers are covered with luminescent material in many of the watches of this series. Bezel rider tabs were also embedded in the early collection of this series and reintroduce by the Swiss in 2014 to maintain tradition in functionality.

Chronograph versions

As Breitling is known as a chronograph specialist, this complication was also embedded in Colt’s collection. The chronometers are officially certified. The Colt Chronograph automatic steel-marine blue is an exclusive timepiece of this series that features a mechanical movement with an embedded chronometer. It features chronograph: 1 /4th second, 30minutes, and 12 hours. The timepiece is powered by super-awesome caliber Breitling 13 with a self-winding mechanism.

Quartz collection with Super Quartz calibers

This series contains both men and female quartz collections. The overall look of these quartz watches are similar to automatic watches. These timepieces are powered by super-quartz caliber, which is ten times more powerful than a classical one. It is also officially certified by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. It is the mind-boggling feature of quartz collection of this range. A battery indicator is also embedded in this timepiece to shows the battery dead indication and many high-tech exceptional features are submerged in it.

Affordable Range

Breitling Colt becomes famous because of its exceptional features with an affordable price range. Maintaining high-quality with an attractive price is a difficult task, but somehow the brand managed it with its collection. Classical version of this series will cost you about 1500-3000 USD which is nothing compared to the excellent features.

You can have its chronograph-based timepiece within 3,000-7,000 dollars. Colt Sky Racer (Black Volcano) is a super-quartz based timepiece that can be found in just 2,000 dollars.


Credit: Breitling

Colt 41 Automatic is a decent version of this range with an elegant design and cost 3,090 dollars exclusive sales tax. It features Breitling 17, an automatic movement based caliber, Sapphire crystal is used in its manufacturing. The four rider tabs with fine-finished satin bezel ensure the longevity and durability of the timepiece.

Credit: Breitling

Colt Chronograph Automatic refer- A1338811/G804/438X/A20D.1 is a brilliant timepiece of the series costing 5,115 exclusive sales tax. The steel case is highly water-resistance to 200m. The minute hands and hours markers are oversized and covered with luminescent to ensure the variable of high readability. This timepiece is powered by Breitling 13 caliber with a power reserve of up to 48 hours. So, it is a full-functional watch in this price range.

Breitling is one of the most-recognizable watchmaking industry and manufacturing high-quality timepieces for years. The Colt’s collection is one of its successful wristwatch collections in an affordable price range which makes it worth buying and recommended. It reflects your sense of buying luxury timepiece.

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