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Is It Safe to Use Marijuana Vaporizers?

Is It Safe to Use Marijuana Vaporizers?

In the vaping community, a lot more uproar surrounds nicotine vaping than cannabis vaping.

September 27th, 2019

In the vaping community, a lot more uproar surrounds nicotine vaping than cannabis vaping. Not many organizations are quick to conduct the necessary studies required to determine the safety levels of using weed vape pens.

If you are on the verge of switching to vapes from the traditional “roll it, then toke it” way, then below are some facts that you need to know.

The Theory Surrounding Cannabis Vaping

Theoretically, pot vaping using a high quality weed vape pen canada, for example, is safer than regular smoking. Because marijuana vaporizers are engineered to deliver tetrahydrocannabinol without exposing the user to dangerous compounds, the vapor that one inhales should have fewer contagions than a regular joint.

Unlike with nicotine vape use, this isn’t concrete evidence, and you do require verification to support this assumption. Nonetheless, it is vital to take note of this and not ignore the rationale surrounding vaping instead of puffing to minimize health complications.

The Risks of Smoking Cannabis

Unlike tobacco smoking and nicotine vaping, with marijuana, it would take a while before facing serious health risks.Smoking pot is partially linked with respiratory effects. However, when it comes to the evidence, it is either inconsistent or lacking.

For instance, majority of the studies conducted cannot find any connections between marijuana use and the build-up of lung cancer. On the other hand, some studies do find a connection, even though its smaller than that of smoking cigarettes.

From my observation, I’d say that in moderation,the risks are not as high for marijuana smokers as that of cigarette users. Nonetheless, there’s still a risk, and more studies need to expound better on this issue. The potential benefits of vaping marijuana are higher if you mix the weed with tobacco. On this e cigarette store, you can find various types of vape pens to that can accommodate a mix of the two.

Is Vaping Safe or Not?

By now, you already know that there’s no solid evidence to determine how safe or harmful vaping weed is. However, that should not mean that we can just assume everything and buy any vape pen or any marijuana extract without caution.When you look at areas like Oregon, private investigations have exposed that weed products available to retail customers contain some levels of dangerous pesticides that are used during plant growth.

In addition to that, the manufacturing process of different marijuana oils present several challenges. For example, for raw hemp flower to be turned to a vaporizable form, some of the plant’s chemical compounds need to be extracted. For this extraction to happen, a widely-used technique was running butane over the weed in an airtight pipe. Despite this, the challenge is that after purification procedures, residues of the butane end up in the final product and studies have shown this.


At the end of the day, the decision is yours whether to use vaporizers or not because even regular smoking of joints has a possibility of causing health issues in the future. I’d advise making sure that the extracts you buy are from organic plants and have lab test results as well to show what you are inhaling.

Regarding The type of vape pen to use, avoid the use of plastic vape pens. Plastic vaporizers are known to produce chemicals with unknown risks when heating up.

Until some detailed research is done, for now, you will need to conduct individual research to determine which method of getting high suits you best.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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