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Is running in basketball shoes bad?

Is running in basketball shoes bad?

Without a doubt, the feet are some of the body parts that suffer the most during exercise.

October 16th, 2020

Without a doubt, the feet are some of the body parts that suffer the most during exercise. That is why it is very important to choose the right footwear according to the type of sport you will do.

Bear in mind before choosing the appropriate footwear that a shoe designed for running has very different characteristics than a shoe made, especially for the needs of athletes who play basketball. As a player you can check basketballshoesplus.com to know which shoe are comfortable for you.

Shoes designed for running do not have lateral stability because you only go forward while running, and it is not necessary to perform lateral movements.

Running shoes provide stability and support as you move your feet forward.

These shoes have proper support in the front to offer stability while running.

While basketball shoes provide the lateral support, players must have stability when performing movements from side to side with their feet.

Both sports require different support, and this is why running in basketball shoes is considered harmful.

The perfect shoes for playing basketball have technology and designs with a high cushioning capacity, which protects the ankle without hindering natural mobility.

A basketball shoe structure is designed to withstand the sudden changes in direction that it does not exert during racing action.

The soles are flexible and made of materials that adhere to the smooth surfaces of basketball courts. At the same time, you can find running shoes suitable for all types of terrain.

Invest in the right footwear

Each sport has different characteristics and requires the use of appropriate footwear. Making an informed decision is very important when choosing your shoes for a specific sport. To do this, you can call on a specialist for expert advice and find out which shoes are right for you according to your physical activity demands.

And footwear is still the most important element when acquiring all your sports equipment.

Running in basketball shoes is not recommended to avoid unnecessary pain or injury.

Feeling rubbing or discomfort during practice can lead to the abandonment of the sport and thus affect performance.

On the other hand, it is also very important to consider the surfaces where the sport is practiced before selecting the right one. It is not the same to choose a shoe to exercise on a track or covered court than to adapt to the demands of dirt or grass surfaces and asphalt outdoors.

Taking into account the most important indicators will allow you to choose the healthiest footwear.

Some dual-purpose options on the market can allow you to do both with minimal risk.

It is an excellent alternative if you practice occasionally and only if you are not especially dedicated to a specific type of exercise. It achieves the stability and comfort you are looking for.

You can even play some basketball and run with them from time to time without causing injury.

But if you want to dedicate yourself to a single discipline, it is advisable to choose footwear with the exclusive characteristics.



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