Is There A Natural Deodorant That You Can Take On Holiday?

Taking our body out of its comfort zone into a sweaty, humid, sandy or dry atmosphere can mean we don’t feel our best on holiday. So a good deodorant is [...]

Taking our body out of its comfort zone into a sweaty, humid, sandy or dry atmosphere can mean we don’t feel our best on holiday. So a good deodorant is VITAL when travelling somewhere lovely and hot.

While there is a fantastic movement to consider the environmental impact of what we eat, wear and do…until recently, I wasn’t too bothered about changing my deodorant from a bog-standard one to a natural version.

Here is why I changed my mind:

  • Traditional antiperspirant deodorants contain aluminium! It is the main active ingredient that stops sweat. Studies are still being carried out but there is some evidence to suggest that aluminium is linked to breast cancer, and that we shouldn’t be stopping our body from the natural detox process of sweating!
  • Lots of deos, and just beauty products in general, contain parabens. Again, more research is needed but these guys enter our bodies and stay there, potentially causing cancers. They also have been found in the bodies of marine animals who probably ingest them through waste in the ocean L
  • I want to avoid palm oil! Most of us have heard about how bad palm oil is for the environment, causing ‘green deserts’ of palm plantations where native animals and plants can’t survive and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions through the clearing of forests.
  • Lots of regular deodorants are not vegan. That’s because lots of the ingredients have been tested on animals. Buying a deodorant which has no ingredients tested on animals means it is guaranteed to be cruelty-free.

The solution is natural deodorants, those that avoid the products mentioned above and are vegan-certified. However, I have tried a few of these and often they are not good at preventing body odour – a disaster when on holiday somewhere hot.

Luckily the Natural Deodorant Co. has brought out some cute little travel-size deodorants that actually work. They have the perfect sizes for a weekend trip or a two-week journey and will be allowed in hand luggage in case you need to freshen up mid-flight.

I tried out their active range since these are specially designed for high-sweat situations. They come in four flavours and use sodium bicarbonate to destroy bacteria. You will probably find you love some of the smells and aren’t so keen on others. For example, my fave is the mint and eucalyptus for its refreshing scent whilst I am not a massive fan of coriander so find the coriander and lime a little too herb-y.

Having tested these natural active deodorants out in some seriously hot countries and on some long, sweaty runs, I can guarantee that they will keep you smelling fresh – quite amazing considering the pure, natural ingredients involved.

Prices start from £2.50 and stockists include:, & Planet Organic.

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