The prospect of applying for your SSC is not an appealing one for most people. You have to figure out which form to complete, what details to fill in, and, most importantly, what supporting documents to send in with it.

You can go to your local SSA office, but that’s not ideal. You’ll probably need to take some time off from work and take a book with you, so you don’t get bored in the line. You could call in but do be prepared to be on the phone for a while.

The SSA website is another option, and it does provide much information. Unfortunately, you have to sift out the relevant details. The main problem with getting the information from the site, though, is that there may be rules that you miss. Rules that don’t seem that important but that could get your application turned down.

In some states, the process is not quite as tricky because you can apply online. The only hassle is that there are stringent criteria to meet if you hope to qualify for this particular service.

The long and short of it is that most people are looking for a shortcut. Is there one? And no, we’re not talking about buying someone’s details and fudging the system. We’re talking about something that makes the process of applying easier.

Getting Some Help

There are social security cards services that do try to deal with the headache of applying for you. They can’t go in and hand in the forms,but they can help out by laying out what you need to do, step by step.

Many of these services are based online, so you can access them whenever it suits you. They’ll get to select what service you are looking for, and from there ask questions that you help them populate the forms. This will take you a few minutes, but the questions are designed to be easy to understand.

What’s useful is that the answers to your questions will be used to complete your application form, so you don’t have to hope that you’ve filled in the correct form sinceit’s been done or you.

From there, the service will also usually give you some idea of what forms you’ll need to put with your application, the most important rules, and how to proceed when you have everything you need.

You’ll still have to submit the forms through the normal channels, but at least you’ll know that they’re correct.


We wish that we could tell you about some magical hack where you could press a button and the SSA system would check all the details for you. Someday that might well be the case, but for now, we have to do things the long way around.

Still, by spending a few dollars on a service that helps you get the forms right the first time, you can save yourself time and effort.


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