Is This The End Of Conventional Makeup As We Know It?

Make-up can be a pain on photo shoots, can’t it? Well, imagine if you didn’t need make-up on a shoot to alter the look of a model’s skin.

Now stop imagining, because it’s a reality, thanks to this interesting real-time face tracking and projection mapping technology.

Created by Nobumichi Asai in collaboration with Omote, this creation combines real-time face tracking and projection mapping to apply a computer-generated set of makeup, which can be as static or dynamic as you want. Limited only by the same creativity that will inevitably result in the final image, the options are limitless for the most part.

There isn’t a great deal of technical information as to how all of this truly works, but as time goes on and this technology develops, the options will vastly expand. In the meantime, give the above video demonstration a watch and be prepared for a wonderful step forward in creative possibilities.

Can digital makeup really replace the real thing and the skills of the professional makeup artist? Let us know your thoughts @house_of_coco

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