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Is Using CBD Hemp Cream for Stretch Marks Worth It?

Is Using CBD Hemp Cream for Stretch Marks Worth It?

Besides salt, one thing that unites everyone is probably stretch marks. Almost 90% of humans have it.

March 16th, 2022

Besides salt, one thing that unites everyone is probably stretch marks. Almost 90% of humans have it. Some people might connect stretch marks only with pregnancy but, men and women both develop these marks. Also, pregnancy is a reason but not the only one.

Although it is natural to have marks, some people want to get rid of them. Unfortunately, neither there is no magic cure for stretch marks, nor is anyone immune to them. However, certain products might fade the scars in a period. One such product is CBD hemp cream.

Using CBD for skin is still taboo in society. Most people might not realize but, CBD is everywhere, from their teacup to salad dressing. It is not limited to any area. So, why hesitate when it comes to skin. If you want to try CBD hemp cream for stretch marks, you should know various facts about them. The details will help you to know whether CBD is worth stretch marks or not.


CBD for Stretch Marks

The CBD hemp oil and creams or plain jane CBD Flower are full of gamma-linolenic acid, fatty acids, and vitamin E, and are beneficial for various health problems, including skin-related issues. One of its uses is to treat pain but, now studies are going on to understand its effect on acne and other skin problems. One of the most popular among them is stretch marks.

When any person decides to try CBD hemp cream, their mind gets full of questions. Is it safe? How effective is it? Will it cause any side effects? Particularly, if a woman uses it during pregnancy, the doubts shift to the safety of the child and women. Through the subsequent sections, you will know various facts about stretch marks and the effect of CBD on it.

What are Stretch Marks?

Often compared to the strips of mighty tigers or described as a sign of a mother’s strength and sacrifice, stretch marks are wavy lines on the skin. The scars range from pearly white to purplish red. They usually develop on the belly, buttocks, hips, thighs, and chest. Although they are not dangerous, they can sometimes feel itchy or sore.

If layers of clothes always hide your stretch marks, you might not get much worried about it. However, a stretch mark on an open area is almost impossible to ignore. While some people take it positively, some people are not comfortable with it. There are various reasons behind stretch marks. Here are some of them.

Reasons Behind Stretch Marks

  • Growth Spurts

Growth spurts are a natural part of growing. It means sudden growth in a child. When a child begins to grow faster than the regular rate, they might develop stretch marks. Not much is known about the reason behind this. Some people believe that growth spurts are most common in springs.

  • Sudden Weight Gain

Another vital factor behind stretch marks is weight gain. The reasons behind a sudden weight gain are infinite. One reason is puberty. During puberty, the body encounters a hormonal change that affects metabolism. It can lead to significant growth in weight.

  • Mental Health Issues

Although there is no direct connection between stretch marks and a mental health issue, there is a fair chance that people suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress develop stretch marks. It is because mental issues generally bring eating disorders, affecting the body weight significantly. It ultimately causes stretch marks.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings the joy of having a kid but, there are drawbacks. Stretch marks during pregnancy are inevitable. The baby bump in 6-7 months leaves stretch marks in almost every case.

These four events result in stretching of skin that causes marks on the skin. A fun fact about stretch marks is people develop different kinds of marks. Some get vertical marks on their hips. At the same time, others might get horizontal ones in the back. For pregnant women, the abdomen is the most common area.

Now the question is, does CBD treat stretch marks?


If you try CBD hemp cream, you might get rid of stretch marks. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • For good health, the human body requires fatty acids. However, humans do not naturally synthesize it. Thus, an outside source is necessary to fulfill the demand.
  • Hemp creams contain omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Both of them are essential fatty acids. They boost and maintain the suppleness of the skin. Thus, your skin looks great.
  • The two fatty acids also include amino acids. It aids in producing collagen and elastin in the human body. Both of these products enhance your skin texture and elasticity. If your skin is elastic, the chances of stretch marks decrease. It also helps to keep cellulite at bay.
  • Beyond these, hemp cream has antioxidant attributes. It helps the body to fight free radicals. Thus, slowing down the process of aging. It might also reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and even stretch marks.

These are three possible ways.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence?

Most people do not believe in the experience of people; they trust the evidence of science. The truth is, despite the claim of various industries that their product helps to get rid of stretch marks, there is no strong evidence.

If you search on social media sites, you can find reviews or experiences of many women who have used it even while breastfeeding, and they do not see any side effects on kids. However, studies show some different results. As per the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), cbd hemp oil, medical marijuana, or various byproducts during or after pregnancy are not recommended. Although hemp oil is not a risk to the mother, it can affect the unborn child.

Some other studies show that if kids get exposed to cannabis in the uterus, their visual-motor coordination and visual analysis are lower than other kids. A lot of new aspects of the story are still prevailing. Hopefully, with the legalization of hemp-derived CBD in most states, more and more research will come.


Rest than pregnancy, CBD cream is primarily safe for stretch marks caused by other reasons. Also, your scars will not go 100%, but you will observe a change. At last, you know that CBD is a natural antioxidant that possesses healing properties. This reason alone explains the possible role of stretch marks.



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