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Did you know that it was International Hummus Day today?

May 13th, 2020

Did you know that it was International Hummus Day today? Yes, yes yes 13th May is the day to behold your favourite dip and enjoy it with your fave accompaniment.

Nutritious, sustainable, and delicious, the ChicP hummus range proves that no fruit or vegetable should ever be discarded! Founded in 2016 by food waste advocate and former chef, Hannah McCollum, ChicP offers a range of delicious dips created from surplus and imperfect vegetables. With an array of flavours ChicP can help you fully enjoy and make the most of International Hummus Day.

Wake up! It’s time to get your Hummus on!
Kick off International Hummus Day the right way with something sweet with none other than ChicP’s Banana & Chocolate dip. This is a delicious and fulfilling healthy chocolate dip ‘chocummus’. Imagine a sugar free nutella! Perfect for pancakes, porridge and toast!

Light and airy
ChicP Velvet Is a lovely smooth olive oil based hummus, using different sized chickpeas, mixed with tahini and just a hint of olive oil. This is the perfect way to enjoy another side of hummus, without the guilt and the fatigued after feeling.

Add some pep to your step
Now it’s time to get serious with Chicp’s Raw beetroot & horseradish hummus. This dip is really fresh, vibrant, healthy hummus with a strong kick from horseradish. The perfect way to get you Delicious with a salad, dip or snack.

Hummus for Lunch? Yes please.
Staying true to the theme of the day, it’s time to enjoy some hummus for lunch, and what better flavour than Chilli Pumpkin. This is a delicious creamy warming hummus with a welcome kick of hot chilli and is garlic free.

Time to get your snack on
Wanting to take a break from Hummus, but not wanting to break the hummus festivities? Well, why not try ChicP’s veggie bites. These new additions to the ChicP collection are delicious and healthy balls full of aromatic flavours and veg. They are soft in the middle, great for dunking into the ChicP hummus range and completely natural. High in protein and fibre. They come in three unique flavours; Sweet potato & rosemary, Beetroot & Apple and Spinach, parsley & red pepper.

Dinner time!
Now, of course we know you can’t eat hummus solely on its own for dinner, so why not add in ChicP’s Herby as an accompaniment to your dish. This earthy, green hummus is wonderful as an accompaniment to any meal. Packed full of antioxidant herbs. It is fresh, delicious, full of protein and contains very few calories.

Boost that immune just before bed
We started the day with something sweet, so now it’s time to end it with some immune boosting goodness. ChicP’s Carrot, ginger & turmeric dip is fresh, warming and loaded with antioxidants.

For more info, visit https://www.chicp.co.uk/ available from Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and more

Rachel McAlley

Rachel McAlley

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