Jervis Bay, Sydney: Green Patch Campsite

Jervis Bay

Whether you’re living or visiting, Sydney provides so many opportunities to escape the city and spend the weekend camping. Here at HOC any excuse to explore places we’ve never been and push ourselves out of our comfort zone, then we’re in – even if that does mean a weekend in the bush! We recently enjoyed a weekend at the beautiful Jervis Bay, a stunning oceanic bay and village located on the South Coast of NSW. It is said to have the whitest sands in the world.

We drove out of the city and straight for the well renowned Green Patch Camping area (it took approx. 3 hours to drive on Friday, early eve) which is based within the beautiful Booderee National Park. The process for booking your camping spot is seamless; you buy online and it’s as simple as paying for your spot and being issued a number which is clearly marked on your arrival. Depending whether you decide to hire a van, own a caravan or pitch a tent, the space provided is large enough for any of the three, with space for camping chairs and tables too. The camping area is clean and tidy and the toilets are fantastic quality – there are even hot showers. It’s a wonderful camping experience but don’t get us wrong you’ll still spot a few suspect cobwebs in the loos and the temperatures drop at night so bring some layers to keep warm come sun down.

Green Patch Camping offers fire pit areas which are dedicated for BBQs and campfires, you must respect the areas and only keep to where they are marked. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions bush fires are rife so it’s important to do all you can to help keep them at bay. Firewood is also provided free! It’s a very special place and there are lots of easy rules to follow in order to respect your surroundings. The National Park also provides a fab range of activities including swimming, fishing, snorkeling, bush-walking, boating and cycling. If you’re a keen outdoorsy type of person and visiting Sydney then Jervis Bay is a must-see and Green Patch Campsite is a must-stay!

Add the below to your list ready for when you stay at Green Patch Campsite:

Hyams Beach

Greenfields Beach

Cave Beach – head there for sunset and keep your eyes peeled for all the kangaroos!

The village of Huskisson – grab a bite to eat in the Huskisson Pub (it’s the only pub for miles as it’s so small!) as the food is great and the views on the decking are beautiful.

White Sands Coastal walk –  a must-do hike which will take you through the incredible beaches of the area.

Light House at Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay



Green Patch Campsite

Booderee National Park Jervis Bay Road
Jervis Bay NSW 2540

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