Jessica Merrutia; Top 10 Make-Up Tips for 2016

With new year resolutions and the whole ‘new year, new me’ hashtag still sort of floating about, here at House of Coco, we’re thinking, make-overs are easier than the gym.

No, we don’t mean dying your locks the opposite to what they are or opting for the lob because, quite frankly, we’re just not ready for that kind of commitment; we’re talking make overs with make-up.

We turned to make-up artist, Jessica Merrutia, who gave us a make over and some of her best beauty tips for looking your best this year.


With the Kardashian’s practically controlling the industry with contouring for the past few years and now the craze about Kylie Jenner’s lip kit; we wanted to know whether  in 2016 we still need to invest in contouring products or should hold off our spending and make way for a new trend.

“I think the contour phase is slowly going to fade out. Whenever I’m creating a look, I don’t do the whole ‘palm tree’ contour tricks I stick to a more natural approach. Contouring looks amazing on photos but in real life? It’s very harsh and doesn’t look blended.”


So if contouring goes what will replace it, how will we get envious cheekbones and facial definition? Jessica’s answer is strobing.

“People have heard of strobing but not enough people understand it. I don’t think it’s had its moment and I think it will be big this year. A lot of people think it’s just highlighting, it’s not, it’s about achieving that natural glow. The idea is to build a gorgeous glow. It’s all about looking natural, like you’re glow is from within.”

With being in the industry for so long and with such a passion for make-up we wanted to know Jessica’s top product recommendations.  When it comes to creating a base Jessica swears by Illusion by Hourglass; “It’s a dewy  formula and everyone needs some glow especially as no make-up, make-up is a big thing now. If your skin looks good, you feel good. Your complexion is key, if your base is flaky or dry, it can ruin the work you’ve put in. If  I was stranded on a dessert island, the one thing I’d take would be foundation.”


After working for a luxury brand for two years,  so during her time in the industry, Jessica worked on countless shoots with models and bloggers alike but when it comes to her inspiration in the make-up world, Jessica insists she finds it everywhere: “I’ll be watching TV and I’ll pick up on peoples make up, its my passion and with my training, its what I notice most on people.”

She has now moved back from London to her hometown on the Wirral and is based in the salon that first inspired her career, the Sunhouse. With her experience and luxury training, Jessica intends to pass on her tips and expert knowledge through her make overs.

“Having your make-up done, obviously isn’t an every day thing but it’s a nice treat. I always think its good for beginners as a taster session to see the range of products, how to apply them and how to re-create classics like a smokey eye. Sometimes people with skin conditions walk through the door and I need to know I have the products to suit them and help them achieve their desired look. Having your make-up done by a professional even once, can make you rethink your whole make-up routine, for the best.”

This year Jessica intends to hold make-up classes, for anyone from beginners to beauty fanatics, so you can learn signature looks and essentially become your own MUA. It’s safe to say our names already on the waiting list!


So, if you’re thinking of upping your game and giving yourself that much needed January boost, with flawless, MUA approved make-up, heres Jessica’s top 10 beauty tips;

1.Base? Your base is important, you cant skimp on foundation or primer. They are the products that go all over your skin. They need to be compatible with your skin type and the right shade. Also correct and conceal, I didn’t understand how important correcting ‘imperfections’ was until I tried it.

2. Eyes? I always start with the eyes, partly because I’m a bit of a clean freak so if theres any back fall, I can wipe it away without ruining the base.

3.  Brows? Always brush your brows down and follow the natural line of your arch and once you have you perfect shape, brush up!

4. Lips? Always line the lip! Matte lipsticks are the way to go but if your lips are a little dry add a touch of lip oil to the centre of your lip for moisture without making the look to glossy.

5. Contour?  As I mentioned I don’t do the whole Kim K palm tree trick, I prefer a more natural approach. I opt for the fail safe backwards three. It’s so natural and is easy to blend. The more you blend, the better.

6. Strobing? I would use a strobe cream under foundation and a highlight the necessary areas; cheekbones, tip of nose, brows and cupids bow with a powder highlighter. For an extra glow I’d dampen the brush before applying the final highlight.

7. Tools? Your tools are so important you can have the most wonderfully expensive make up kit in the world but if you don’t have the right tools, you won’t get the finish you want.

8. In a rush? If I’m in a rush, I’ll throw my hair in a top knot and opt for a smokey eye and nude lip or winged eyeliner with a red lip. They’re my go to looks and instantly make me feel more pulled together.

9. Brush or Beauty Blender? I think the whole applying with a foundation and blending with a  sponge is becoming the old way to apply now. I prefer to apply foundation with a fluffy brush and ‘buff’ it in, it looks more naturally flawless with an airbrushed finish.

10. Application? The best tip I was ever given was to use my hand as a palette and never apply product directly to the face. It’s better to layer and build products up, it takes longer and a lot of patience but the finish is better and lasts longer.

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