Women love to wear jewelry because it makes them feel beautiful and confident. Jewels enhance the beauty of a person and symbolize their status, wealth and power. Some women wear jewels to express themselves. Ornaments reflect personal taste; any outfit looks best when paired with the right accessories.

Jewels enhance the mood and create a sense of happiness. These accessories make women feel unique and stylish. Women wear several ornaments like the temple, antique, fashion, filigree, handmade, and oxidized jewelry. Oxidised jewellery manufacturers manufacture several jewels women wear on their arms, neck, hands and feet.

Jewelry materials


Jewels made of solid gold are expensive but last for a long time. It doesn’t lose its value even when women wear it for many years. These pieces are handed down from generation to generation. All women can’t afford to buy solid gold jewels. Gold-plated trinkets are an ideal choice for them. These pieces have a fine layer of gold coated on a base material


Silver is an ideal metal for making jewels. Silver jewellery is available in a range of colors. Pure and fine silver is very soft, and ornaments made out of it lose their shape or get scratched easily. Sterling silver has 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver jewels reflect light beautifully but tarnish quickly. Silver-plated ornaments have a fine layer of silver on another base metal.


The orange-red hue of copper makes it an ideal choice for making jewels. It is affordable, and some believe copper ornaments can relieve body pain. Fine engravings are imprinted on them, lasting for many years with good care. Copper oxidizes in the air and leaves a green mark on the skin. It is a malleable metal that can be shaped easily. Copper bends fast, and combining with other metals makes it strong.


Ornaments made of platinum do not tarnish or lose their color. It is white and beautiful but costly. It needs no plating and doesn’t wear off easily. Platinum trinkets are heavy, resistant to tarnish and weigh the same after many years. This metal is a natural choice for milestone jewels like wedding bands and engagement rings. It is durable and doesn’t change shape and color for many years.


Gemstones of several colors and shapes are used in ornaments. They are durable, and some are good for day-to-day use. The common gemstones used in jewels are emerald, amethyst, garnet, citrine, aquamarine, onyx and opal. Some gems are hard and difficult to scratch, while others are soft and get scratched easily.


Pearl jewellery looks elegant, and its beauty is unsurpassed. Cultured and natural pearls are found in jewels and are an excellent investment. The color of pearls ranges from white, cream, black, blue, green or goldish. Pearl trinkets require more care to last for many years. Some pearls are rare, and jewels having them are expensive.

What is the specialty of oxidized jewels?

Women like oxidized jewels because they have an antique look. They are available in intricate and unique designs. These ornaments suit women of all skin tones, enhance their appearance and are paired with all types of attires. They are durable, don’t need much maintenance and last for many years.

Oxidized jewelry manufacturers make several ornaments like bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and anklets. These pieces are liked and worn by women of all ages. One or two pieces of oxidized jewelry make a woman stand out in a crowd.


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