Chilling with a cup of wine is one of the best possible ways working adults can spend their weekends. But what if it comes with a bit of a traditional and cultural twist? Well, the Jewish people do just that. Jewish Wine Fountain is an integral part of the Jewish tradition of the Sabbath. The Jewish Sabbath tradition is highly influenced by the first biblical story of world creation. According to the story, it took 6 days of vigorous labour for God to create the universe and he finally took a rest on the seventh day. This motivates the Jewish people to work hard to earn a living and on Sabbath eve they celebrate the hard work they put in throughout the week. They also show their thankfulness towards God for creation and existence through this celebration.

Significance of Jewish Wine Fountain on Sabbath eve

Jewish Wine Fountain holds great cultural and traditional significance due to its connection to the Kiddush prayer. Kiddush is the Jewish ritual of sanctifying the meal by reciting prayer over a cup of wine, specifically the wine fountain. This ritual is generally performed by an elder of a family to start the holy celebration of the Sabbath eve. Due to its strong connection to Sabbath and Kiddush prayer, Jewish Wine Fountain is a necessary item in every Jewish family. You can see wine fountains of different elegant and unique designs in Jewish households.

Artistry and Design

Keeping in mind the cultural and traditional values of the Jewish Wine Fountain, designers and manufacturers produce various masterpieces. If you have a thing for ancient arts and designs these wine fountains will definitely make you spellbound. According to the old tradition, most of the wine fountains are silver made with artistic engravings. However, you can find other materials as well. You can even customise your Jewish Wine Fountains to make them more personal. From the pouring goblet to the wine cups, you can see the amazing designs and unique styles of each wine fountain. You can use these masterpieces for home decoration purposes as well. It will surely bring an aesthetic touch to your household. Wine Fountains are also amazing as gifts for relatives and friends. If you have run out of gift ideas but want to present something unique and artistic to your dear ones, Jewish Wine Fountains are the best options for you.

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Where to find and purchase?

You can look for Jewish Wine Fountain at online stores which are the most convenient options for purchasing. Here you can find a range of styles and designs and can choose according to your liking. You can also get an understanding of the price range of different types of wine fountains that range from old traditional to postmodern minimalist. This way you can just get the products of your liking sitting at home. You can also get attractive offers and discounts on online stores for each of your purchases. Be it for its cultural value or artistic one, Jewish Wine Fountain will surely make a worthy purchase.


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