Karaoke nights are back with a Bunga

If you’ve been sleeping on a good old karaoke evening then now is the time to revisit the long-time favourite, because Bunga Bunga has brought it back with a bang [...]

If you’ve been sleeping on a good old karaoke evening then now is the time to revisit the long-time favourite, because Bunga Bunga has brought it back with a bang and sprinkled on some added pizzazz.
We joined them to celebrate the relaunch of the shiny new Bunga Bunga Battersea and to experience some of the exciting and inventive new karaoke-inspired evenings they have on offer.


Singo Bingo

Bingo is no longer just a Sunday afternoon pastime. Clear your Wednesday evenings from now on for Singo Bingo and prepare to win prices, eat pizza and throw it way back with Mumma Bunga’s karaoke ball announcements. Clinging to cocktails with our bingo sheets at the ready, we waited eagerly for the cage to spin and the musical numbers to commence. In-between mouthfuls of temptingly large cheesy pizza we crossed off figures on our sheets and hoped that we would have a chance to yell ‘Bunga Bunga Bingo Bingo’ and win a prize. We didn’t this time – but I do consider the amount of pizza I consumed as a personal win.


We then moved on to experience SingalongaBunga, where the resident karaoke master lead us in a group singalong and a person from each of our tables went up to take on the microphone by themselves, too. Now and again during the evening, the music would change as a table ordered the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ sharer cocktail, which is a sweet almondy concoction with a double hit of rum for six people. It comes with its very own special entrance of confetti, sparklers and singing staff members.

Bunga In Their Eyes

Lastly, Bunga In Their Eyes is Bunga Bunga’s very own version of ‘Stars in their eyes’ (millennial’s will appreciate the throwback here) which takes place every Thursday night. This is the chance to get glammed up behind the scenes and take to the stage as a famous singer of your choice. Donning wigs, feather boas and sunglasses, our fellow diners gave it their all for a chance to spin the Bunga wheel and win prizes such as a free cocktail and even a ‘speedboat’ (disclaimer: the speedboat may be a tad smaller than you think!).

We had a blast celebrating the new Bunga Bunga Battersea. Its easy to enjoy the (literally) all singing, all dancing evenings with confetti blasting out from here there and everywhere. Plus I won’t be forgetting the out-of-this-world delicious pizza anytime soon.
Head to Bunga Bunga Battersea for dynamic karaoke evenings filled with pizza and pure fun, usually fuelled by a whole load of boozy brilliance and Britney renditions: https://www.bungabunga.com/battersea/

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