Kate Moss Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Iconic supermodel Kate Moss turns 40 this year and we would never have known! After over 20 years in the fashion industry, Kate has told all on what keeps her looking so young and booking more and more fashion campaigns. We’d all like to look like Kate moss, right? Read on to discover her best kept beauty secrets…



A Great Tan

It seems even Kate believes in having a healthy summer glow, but done naturally through a healthy dose of spray tanning. Her usual go to spray tanner is no other than St. Tropez, which she is the face of. She swears by them and says it hides a multitude of sins, making her feel confident and good to go for the rest of the day!



Lipstick Ready

Kate’s favourite feature are her lips, which is why the British darling loves lipstick and adores a red lip. She believes it makes her feel more done and put together. We absolutely agree with you Kate! Everybody feels more confident and ready for the world after some colour on their lips.

“I’ve always loved a red lip, but lately I’ve been really into nudes. I wear a beige lip in the day, but red when I’m going somewhere. I just slick it on, I don’t bother with lip liner.”



Morning Face Saver

What saves Kate’s face if she’s had little or no sleep is a sink full of ice, plenty of cucumber and a quick face dip to tighten her pores and instantly feel and look younger after. We are yet to experiment with that ourselves, but if it works for Kate, it’ll be good enough for us!

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Classic Cat Eye Liner

Her effortless look involves using a pencil eyeliner along her upper eyelid, close to her lashes for an easy rolled out of bed look.

“It’s years of doing it. I just pull the eye, and then smudge the eyeliner over and flick it up. I always use a kohl pencil as it’s easier to manage. You can get really good liquid liners now that are easy to use and precise, but if it goes wrong, you still have to start all over again, not like with kohl, when you can smudge it out.”




Mix and matching your nail colour to your lips is the new in and looking too perfect is a definite no for Kate. She explains that on set the two colours clash and it is best to opt for different colours when thinking ahead for an event. She enjoys doing her own nails and her friends, and has become quite a nail expert.

“I’m really good at painting, and other’s people’s. I like doing it. It’s one of things I like to do on holiday – a line up of all the girls and make their nails look nice.”


One of the main reasons why she keeps coming back to her signature short neat nails, is because she believes it gives the illusion of being fresh and young. We definitely agree with you there Kate, short statement nails with a pop of colour are classic and forever timeless.


Will you be trying any of Kate’s beauty tips?

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