When half-term or the summer holiday hits you can find yourself having to come up with lots of ideas to keep the kids busy.

It can be tempting to sit them in front of the TV or give them a phone to play with, but you should try to keep them active. Here is a handy list of fun activities they might enjoy that help you out.

Get Them Scooting Around The Garden With A Scooter For Kids

One of the most popular modes of transport for children is the scooter. These are a lot of fun, a great way for kids to get active, and they can go anywhere.

Look here if you are in the market for a scooter for kids. Micro Scooters have a huge number of scooters to choose from, in lots of different sizes. You will be able to find one to fit a child of any age and get them outside, active, and enjoying themselves with a new scooter.

Play Water Games With Them And Their Friends

There is no easier or quicker way to get a kid running around and active than introducing them to the humble water pistol.

Water wars are good fun, and great for a group of kids. You can keep them playing for hours and all you need is a tap or a few buckets for them to refill with. It is remarkably cheap too, with fun water toys and sprinklers around for just a few pounds. They will give your child hours and hours of active play.

Ball Games Are Fun For All The Family

Whether it is kicking a football around the garden, or playing a little cricket with a tennis ball, simply having a selection of sports balls available can provide hours of fun and games that the whole family can enjoy.

Having a few bats or rackets might be handy too, but all the whole family needs to play games together is a ball to kick, throw, or run with. Even the dog can join in.

Basketball In A Back Yard Is Great Fun For Everyone

This sport is one of the biggest in the world, but not many people in the UK know how to play it. It is perfect for playing in a small space and keeping a tournament going for weeks or months.

One-on-one play is popular beneath a basketball hoop. These are cheap to buy with a ball and can be easily fixed to the side of a house or above a garage. There are lots of other games you can play too.

Play A Game Of Hide And Seek

You cannot beat the basics, and this old game costs nothing to play and can be hours of fun for all the family. Running around and finding places to hide provides a lot of activity, as does seeking out the hiding players. The anticipation and excitement of playing keep the heart rate up too.

All you need is one or two of these ideas to keep your kids entertained and active. Do not settle for streaming media devices or putting on their favourite DVD and get your kids out and about and having fun.


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