Keeping your home safe from thieves

When winter shows signs of approach, you’re already poised to bring out the throws and the blankets and to settle in to long nights in front of the fire watching film after film. This is how you look after yourself in the coldest of months, however, you need to spare a serious thought to the protection of your home. Check if you have the right level of home insurance cover in the advent of winter by insuring your possessions though AIG. Always be careful not to undervalue and underinsure your goods, as this simply means you won’t be able to receive back the full and true worth of any lost or stolen items.

Your property is your home, it’s your safe space and you need to protect it. Failing to do so and seeing your house burgled and cleared of your belongings is sure to ruin your Christmas period. Making a claim after a burglary needn’t add insult to injury after having your home robbed and stripped of its valuables. So, make sure you’re reporting the true worth of your home’s contents. When your home has been burgled, you need to relax in the knowledge that your home insurance has got you covered and your claims can be met with fair settlements. The average claim settlement for an Irish household is a staggering 4,970 €, so aware of just how much your possessions are worth before getting them fully insured.

The winter gives way to the merry festive season just as much as it does for thieves and the likelihood of being burgled. Reports claim that robberies are most common between the hours of 5pm – 10pm as winter rolls around. Burglaries increase during these hours as the dark nights have drawn in and the cover of darkness allows them to enter your house with a lower threat of being caught in the act of actively looting your treasured belongings.

Don’t make a thief’s job easier, and do your upmost to deter them from your premises. Install safety cameras and motions sensors, and if you’re going away over winter, then ask a neighbour to watch your house for signs of suspicious activity. It’s never too late to get your home insured, and you should be keeping your possessions and your family safe at all times. Thieves can strike day or night so remember to lock doors and install burglar alarms. You cannot be too safe, so take note and protect your house.

AIG have reported that the most common items to be stolen from your house are jewellery, cash, and portable items such as mobiles phones and small devices like tablets and iPads. These are highly desirable due to their significant price tags, and their worth is estimated to rack up to 4,000 € combined in the average household. These items can be snatched and taken from your home with little effort and are likely to sell at high prices. Stop thieves in their tracks, and keep them for ruining your wintery season.

Keep an eye on your outbuildings too. If you’re in the habit of using them to store high value items such as bikes and golf clubs, then you should be bolting the doors to these, or better still, bring them indoors. From here, you can keep them safe under the conditions of your home insurance. Be sure to update your home insurance and let your insurers know the value of the items. The average Irish family is thought to have 400 € worth of golf clubs in their sheds alone, with bikes reaching a greater value of 1,200 €. Some bikes can reach a small fortune on the black market. So, if your bicycle is your pride and joy and cost you a pretty penny too, then make no mistake and bring it in for the cold winter months.

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