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Key Points to Consider When Choosing the Perfect English Wedding Venue

Key Points to Consider When Choosing the Perfect English Wedding Venue

Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, but what that means is as individual as the brides themselves. While some ladies see themselves being carried away in a horse-drawn carriage with a wedding dress fit for royalty, others see their wedding day as more of a cosplay event. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so what does that mean in terms of wedding venues? What do you consider to be the ideal setting for this, your very special once-in-a-lifetime day?

Timeline and Location

Time is of the essence when it comes to finding the ideal venue for your wedding. Some of the more popular venues fill up a year or two in advance and others may have dates open within the coming year. When searching for wedding venue near me, as you are apt to do, consider the fact that you need time to plan and arrange your wedding.

Some of your guests may be arriving from out of town so they will need ample ‘warning’ as well. Based on the English location you’ve settled on, will your guests have sufficient time to make travel arrangements? Not all wedding venues are as accessible as you’d like and as luck would have it, you may choose one that necessitates travel arrangements from Heathrow to some outlying village. Time is an important factor in relation to location, so do keep that in mind.

A Setting That Aligns with Your Wedding Theme

Another key element when choosing a wedding venue is the theme alluded to above. Do you see yourself in a bridal gown with a train seven metres long? That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but your theme is of utmost importance when choosing a venue. Do you intend to get married in a cathedral with the wedding venue set somewhere else?

Perhaps you want to get married where you will also host the post-nuptial celebration so it is vital you check whether that is something that can be allowed. Just be aware of the fact that you wouldn’t want to host your post-ceremony reception at a dance club after a wedding in a cathedral dressed as a princess. It just wouldn’t work! Choose a venue that aligns with the theme of your wedding, especially if planned as a cosplay event.

Options for Food and Drink

Will you want a venue that has banquet menus they can serve, or will you prefer to order your own catered food and beverages? Do you want an open bar calculating about one drink per hour per adult guest? Sometimes even venues that have full-service banquet options will allow for catered foods to be brought in because they are special to the newly married couple.

These are also things you should look into so that the reception can be as uniquely special as the wedding itself. This truly is your day, and you can plan it any way you want, just remember to ask about all those seemingly little details that might make a difference and give yourself plenty of time to get everything done.