Kill or Cure? What a Holiday Can Do for Your Love Life

At House of Coco we wondered what a holiday could do for your love life, kill it or cure it? With almost 23 million UK adults admitting they have found love on holiday, it appears that a break on foreign shores is good for increasing our chances of finding a partner. Leading global travel deals company Travelzoo commissioned research into people’s experiences in meeting a partner abroad, and also the effect that taking a first holiday together can have on an existing relationship.

The research found that the majority of people (62%) think holidaying with a new partner is the best way to find out if they are a good match. However, men and women alike have to deal with insecurities and concerns as part of the experience. While one in three women said they felt “more attractive” when on holiday, over 20% of women confessed they have got up early to put their make-up on while their partner is still sleeping. Women also have a much bigger issue using the in-room facilities: almost 30% have sneaked off to find a loo elsewhere in the hotel rather than stay in their rooms when nature calls!

Louise Hodges, Travelzoo’s head of communications, said, “Holidays offer people an escape from their normal lives and the chance to be a better, more relaxed and fun version of themselves. It’s no surprise men and women are more likely to be open to meeting a new partner or to rekindle the flames of a current relationship when the humdrum to-do list of daily life is out of the picture.


“We were surprised to see that women in particular still have more hang-ups than men about closeness and physical appearance on holiday. We were also amused to see that both sexes enjoy a bit of covert flirting with other people when their partner is not looking! Perhaps we Brits are not as reserved as we think.”

The survey also found that holidaying couples from the UK are relatively argument-free, with just 15% of respondents saying they fall out with their partner on holiday. The most common causes of arguments were 1) spending too much money 2) drinking too much alcohol and 3) agreeing on what to see or do on the holiday. Interestingly, people in a longer-term relationship were the most likely to argue about how long their partner took to get ready to go out – 28% of people in relationships admitted this had been a cause for dispute.

* This survey was conducted by independent third party, Censuswide, who polled 2000 UK adults in January 2015.

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