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Kitchen Necessities that are Worth Your Buck

When it comes to spending on kitchen appliances or tools, individuals may have differing views as to which of these constitute necessities.

When it comes to spending on kitchen appliances or tools, individuals may have differing views as to which of these constitute necessities. For individuals who do not spend much time in the kitchen, basic kitchen necessities like a basic stove, microwave, and a few ordinary pots and pans will do the trick. However, for the self-proclaimed Masterchefs who love to cook and experiment with all kinds of recipes, these commonplace appliances will definitely not suffice. If you are ready to replace your stained chopping board or worn out rice cooker, fret not! We have compiled a list of tools and kitchenware that are considered must-haves for your kitchen, to ensure that your kitchen is well-equipped and efficient.

Dutch Oven

Whether you decide to make a huge pot of beef stew for your relatives or make a loaf of no-knead bread for your brunch date, a dutch oven allows you to do all that. With its large enough size but compact shape to make storage less of a hassle, a dutch oven provides ample room for you to cook anything under the sun. Most of them are cast-iron in material and have varying price points. If you have extra cash lying around or you deem a good and durable dutch pot to be a necessity, paying a higher price will not leave you regretting your decision. Department stores and kitchenware shops sell surprisingly chic-looking ones while maintaining their quality and effectiveness. Investing in a pricier one will also ensure its durability that can normally last a lifetime; reducing the likelihood of you replacing it in the future.

Professional Blender

While an inexpensive and small blender can do most of the basic functions of blending, professional chefs or individuals who simply love to cook may find it necessary to invest in a professional blender. These blenders are highly effective and powerful, while some brands minimize the obnoxious sounds while blending as well. These professional blenders are great for making pureed soups, sauces and gravy, while not forgetting your mandatory morning smoothie fix. While blenders at higher price points may guarantee better features and a smoother consistency, there are many highly effective professional blenders out there that are greatly affordable as well.

Food Processor

While many novice cooks may not see the need for investing in both a blender and a food processor, others are aware of their stark differences. While blending takes care of your typical milkshakes and smoothies, food processors are more heavy-duty and are suitable for chunks of ingredients that typically require a knife to do the trick. Food processors come in different shapes, sizes and functions, so choose one that is able to meet the needs of your cooking style. If you typically cook for large gatherings and family hangouts, getting a larger and well-built one will definitely be useful for you; instead of choosing a smaller and cheaper food processor which may leave you feeling frustrated all the time.

Roasting Pan

If you’re one who fancies a roasted dish from time to time or is the luckily-appointed chef of hosting your family’s annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, then you definitely might want to purchase a durable and large roasting pan for your kitchen. Certain brands offer slick copper designs that will wow you, yet ensuring that it is well-designed to allow heat to be distributed evenly. Roasting pans also vary in terms of their prices and can go up to a whopping $300 for extra durable and efficient ones.

Wood Cutting Board

While this unassuming block of wood seems to be the most simple kitchenware in your house, investing in one that is durable and sturdy makes a world of a difference. These boards have to be of good quality and have a good surface in order for them to last a lifetime. Investing in a premium quality one will prevent the water from seeping through after time, ensuring that it does not become gross and reek of odor. A good cutting board has to be of a suitable size to fit your sink and one that comes with handles so that it is easy to be lifted up. Handwashing and oiling it occasionally will be good enough to keep your cutting board in tip-top condition; perfect for you to chop up some vegetables or large cheese for your guests.

8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Nothing is more essential than a good old reliable chef knife, and nothing beats the satisfaction of cutting through your vegetables with a perfectly sharpened brand new knife after removing it from its packaging. Why not experience that over and over again by investing in a worthy knife to help you make the perfect cut in your slab of meat? There are some highly popular knives in the market that are known to be insanely sharp and extremely durable. Japanese-style knives are known to be slightly longer in terms of its blade size as compared to a European-style one. Depending on your preference and needs, choose a knife that is suitable for you and ensure that you sharpen it from time to time to maintain its quality.


Stand-mixers are not for everyone but it is incredibly useful for cooks who love to bake as well. Providing the ultimate convenience and efficiency, stand-mixers will effortlessly mix your cookie dough and cake batter without you having to lift a finger. Furthermore, stand-mixers usually comes with the option of purchasing additional attachments like pasta rollers, making your job so much easier. With some of these brands and designs at affordable prices, purchasing a stand-mixer for yourself will definitely be life-changing.


Though some of these kitchen necessities may not be essential or affordable enough for everyone out there, having these appliances in your kitchen (especially the premium-quality ones) will make your life so much easier. Having the right kitchenware will definitely guarantee you efficiency and improved quality in your dishes. With their varying functions and contrasting designs, doing your research on the right one for you will help you become one step closer to your Masterchef goals. However, for those of you who are not looking to become master chefs, sometimes all you need are convenient tools like an anova precision cooker nano to whip up delicious meals on a daily basis!