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Koh Lipe – The Maldives of Thailand

Koh Lipe – The Maldives of Thailand

If you’ve been looking for a paradise island that doesn’t cost the Earth, look no further than Koh Lipe!

October 15th, 2019

If you’ve been looking for a paradise island that doesn’t cost the Earth, look no further than Koh Lipe! Often described by bloggers and travel experts who have visited the beautiful island as the Maldives of Thailand, it’s not the most accessible place to get to, but it’s totally worth it.

Stunning beaches. Tick. Plankton trips. Tick. Incredible sunsets. Tick. Cheap places to eat and drink. Tick. Koh Lipe has it all and much, much more. Let’s run you through how to get there, the best beaches and some great things to do on Koh Lipe in Thailand.

Visiting Koh Lipe – How to get there

Ok, so you’ve packed your bags and have started to head to Asia. It’s a long way to go from the UK, but there are plenty of things you can do to entertain yourself. A smartphone and a power bank is really all you need! Watching movies, taking photos and videos as your trip unveils, playing games and even having some casino fun by installing popular new mobile casino UK apps – if you’re into that, will make time fly by! Now, let’s see how do we reach this paradise!

Where is Koh Lipe?

It’s in the Satun Province, which is close to the Malaysian border in the South West of Thailand. You can get to Koh Lipe from Thailand or Malaysia. Here are some options:

  • Grab a ferry from a few different islands. Langkawi, Koh Phi Phi, or Koh Lanta. Take your pick.
  • Fly to Hat Yai and then make your way to Pak Bara. You can then take a ferry to Koh Lipe from there.
  • If you’re flying into Bangkok, you can get a train to Pak Bara from the capital but be warned that it’s a pretty long journey. If you’re on a shoestring budget, though, then it’s an option.

When’s the best time to visit?

If you’ve added Koh Lipe to your bucket list after seeing some fantastic pictures and videos, and we hope you have, then the best time to go is from November to February. It’s very dry and very hot pretty much every single day. The rainy season is from April to October, but this also tends to be the cheapest time to visit. If you don’t mind the odd tropical storm, go for it. Please note, however, that some ferries only run in high season, so make sure you check the schedules before committing to a trip to Koh Lipe in low season.

Things to do on Koh Lipe

You can walk the length of Koh Lipe in around 45 minutes. It’s a tiny island, but there’s plenty to do. The first thing you should do once you’ve settled in at your hotel is taking a stroll to ‘Walking Street’. Grab some fresh Thai food and a drink at one of the bars or restaurants. For such a tiny island there are a lot of places to eat and drink so that you won’t be short of choice. Other top things to consider doing during your stay include:

  • Taking a trip to the waterfall in Koh Adang, which is the bigger island right next to Koh Lipe.
  • Snorkelling on one of the nearby beaches or a nearby the island via a boat.
  • Kayaking around the island.
  • Diving around the island. Koh Lipe is one of the best places to dive in Thailand. 25% of the world’s tropical fish species can be found around the island.
  • Climbing Koh Adang. You’ll be able to get a fantastic view of Koh Lipe from the summit.

The Best Beaches on Koh Lipe

There are three central beaches on Koh Lipe – Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunset beach. The boats and ferries all come into Pattaya beach, which could put some people off staying there for a prolonged period. However, the beach is big enough to head to the other end and enjoy what’s probably the most excellent beach out of the three in terms of pure white exotic sand.

Sunrise beach is precisely what the name says. It’s where you need to be early in the morning to see the sunrise. And it’s spectacular. Make sure you take your phone or camera if you head to this area. You’ll also find some of the best beach bars and hotels on Sunrise beach.

Sunset beach is relatively small and can be found on the west side of the island. As you’ve probably guessed, it is indeed where you need to go to enjoy the incredible sunset. It’s somewhat rocky, and the sand isn’t as lovely as the other two beaches, to be honest. Go in the evening but don’t spend too much time here.

Paradise is Calling!

If you’re desperate to stay on an island that looks like something you see in a movie and is perfect for those Instagram snaps, Koh Lipe really is the island you never knew you needed to visit. You need to add the Maldives of Thailand to your list if you love to island-hop. There’s no need to worry if the Maldives, Seychelles or Mauritius are out of reach for you, Koh Lipe is just as good. Don’t believe us? Go and find out for yourself!

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