Kurti street wear style

Street fashion displays your personality and is highly trendy. You can create a personal look by combining different fashion trends. Basically, street fashion trends determine the current fashion trends. When people like a certain look, they make it common and that is how most trends are born

Here are some tips to help you pull off that street wear style in India

The monochromatic look

This look is made of two or more piece clothing with a matching color. You can rock a monochromatic look by wearing outfits of the same color and the same shade or you can switch it up by wearing different tints of the same color

The monochromatic look is easy to achieve and often very stylish. The look goes will go well with almost all your outfits.  You may think styling this look is as easy as putting on attire that have the same colors but you may be wrong.

This combination will work with any color provided the color matches your skin tone, hair and body type. It is a simple yet bold and elegant style you can mix up for any event. You can wear a pure ethnic or indo-western monochromatic style.

Rock an all-black outfit. Block colors are the easiest to style especially when you are new to this look. You can wear a t-shirt kurti with some black jeans, a black bad and leather block heels for the perfect street look.

For mean, a block colored kurti with the same-color sherwani jacket and same color jeans can form a sophisticated street look. Make sure your shoes match the outfit as well.

The 90’s look

In the fashion world, it seems every decade has its own sets of fashion trends. The 90’s decade is the most celebrated in most part of the world and has the trendiest clothing.  Since the 90’s trend is loved by most people, people have started wearing some of the outfits from the 90’s.Basically, if you want to achieve the 90’style you have to be familiar with the looks.

Here are some 90’s looks that have been trending recently

Palazzo pants are currently the trendiest 90’s look. For a unique style, wear your palazzo pants with side slit kurti.  Ensure the kurti is hip-length to prevent it from overpowering the flare of the palazzo. To create aunique 90’s vibe, buy a floral printed kurti from Stylecaret, and pair it with a block colored kurti and Aladdin sandals. Make sure you hold up your hair and carry the right purse to complete this look.

Print on print look

You have probably heard the rule about not mixing your prints together too many times.  Mixing different prints without messing the whole look can be hard.  You don’t want to end up with an  ugly outfit that will draw the wrong kind of attention.

Wearing prints will make you stand out more compared to doing neutral pieces and prints. Embrace the slightly weird look and go out of your comfort zone.  Combine everything together, stripes, floral prints, and shape to give you that print on print

The best way to make your prints work together is to have one predominant color in each piece. For example your different pieces of clothes can have different prints but with to colors. A simple way to combine print on print is to combine the same shapes of print but different colors, texture and size. Start out with two different looks to avoid going overboard

Here is a print on print combination you can rock in the streets of India

To achieve a simple print on print look, pair a floral printed throw-on kurti, stripped choli top and some block colored pants. If you are mixing up your prints for the first time, don’t be afraid to mix it up and show your bold side.

Oversized clothing

The fun of oversized clothing is about the unrestricted feeling of wearing baggy clothes to look like they are one size larger. The best move is having the silhouette fit you in a more relaxing way. If you get an outfit that is 2 or more sizes larger, you won’t achieve this look. You want your clothes to appear a little baggy and not loose fitting. Ensure that just one of your pieces is baggy to avoid creating a bigger frame for your body

Look out for these ethnic outfits that will have people turning their heads

One famous oversized look is the oversized kurti and slim fitting jeans. Make sure your kurti is hip-length and does not contain too many details.

Belt-up and oversized a-shaped or flared kurti for a bohemian street wear look. This look is amazing on people with small waits. Wear sandals and carry a clutch bag to complete this look

Embroidered looks and jewelry 

Embroidery is underrated when it comes to Indian fashion outside of festivals and traditional ceremonies. Nowadays, people rarely embrace traditional embroidery and embellishments in their garment. Morden outfits are plain with simple prints and patterns.  Embroidery gives off a sophisticated glamour that simple prints and patterns cannot achieve.

Here is how you can jazz up your look with embroidery and embellishments

If you are creative, jazzing up your outfit can be as easy as buying the decorations from the store and gluing or sewing them into your clothes. If you are not, take the outfit to your Taylor. Jazz up your outfit on the collar of the bust area where the decorations are most noticeable.

The denim on denim looks

We are all familiar with this look. You wear denim trousers with a simple and matching denim jacket to create a matching denim outfit.  This look is a western ensemble that is mainly worn to social gatherings by the youth

Denim on denim looks

The denim on denim look is much more than just denim pants and a denim jacket. You can achieve this look by wearing a denim kurti with denim shoes, or a short kurti tucked into high-waisted denim


Show your bold side by trying out looks that are out of the ordinary. Street wear can be fun, creative and elegant depending on how you style your clothes. Use these tips to create a street style and blend in with your friends.

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