LA Style Crystal Healing Without Your Passport: Sequoia Spa at The Grove

Forgive us, dear readers but we have been known to snarl our upper lips in derision at opulent British countryside hotels with golf courses. [...]

Forgive us, dear readers but we have been known to snarl our upper lips in derision at opulent British countryside hotels with golf courses. The uninitiated snobs we once were envisaged CaddyShack style nightmare guests and overworked hotel staff, buggies full of business men arguing over who has the largest erm, car… From the second we entered The Grove‘s 300 acre property (within 15 mins of leaving London Euston) our jaws hit the floor and we didn’t succeed shutting them until we were chowing down on a tasty burger later that evening. But more about that later.

We were guests of the hotel and spa to check out the new, bang on trend, holistic spa menu. Honing in on the current obsession with the power of crystals and other precious stones, the ESPA spa offers mindful treatments that harness not only the power of relaxation through the therapist’s work but also through breathing and visualisation techniques.

From the moment we entered the spa we knew we were in for a treat. Unlike too many highly rated hotel spas we’ve visited, the spa here feels like a tailor made retreat, rather than an add on to the hotel. Thoughtfully laid out, it feels spacious and relaxing with an additional outdoor pool located just across the way, with its very own urban beach.

Our therapist Daisy is welcoming and incredibly knowledgable about the treatment. Having read quite a lot of holistic books recently we’re all over the colour visualisations (we saw pink, by the way) and she’s enthusiastic that we’re enthusiastic about the use of a gong to wake us from our relaxed state and the application of Rose Quartz Crystals. We could be in California right now, you guys!

The care taken to coax us into relaxation really pays off and Daisy’s great masseuse work is amplified by the music and scent used. This is honestly the best massage we’ve ever had.

When we awake from the treatment, the tired harassed feeling we had from the week gone disappeared and we were energised and excited to explore the hotel. This is just as well as, with 4 spaces to eat in, a spectacular cocktail menu, bike trails and super quirky art dotted around the property, hiding in your luxe (and very possibly four poster) bed would be a shame.

After an explore we opted for dinner in The Stables, a rustic New-England styled stable serving ‘simple food served to perfection’ and enjoyed a low key but tasty dinner. Here’s another example of the Grove smashing our negative perceptions of 5* luxury; that it feels snobby and elitist. It’s just as well that the team here are so down to earth and friendly as we were shrieking with giggles on the golf buggy ride from the restaurant back to the main hotel…

Snuggling into our impossibly soft bed dreaming of what turned out to be an epic breakfast buffet, we felt a world away from the week’s stresses while only being 18 miles from Piccadilly Circus. Can we commute from here? Seriously.

The Grove is an ideal escape from the city, we couldn’t think of a better treat for you and your girls or your loved one. For more information head over to ; see you on the urban beach!

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