It’s now a good thing that labels in clothes now play a big role in purchasing decisions of a cloth and other textile customers.

If you want to make your clothes or your company’s clothes into something special, all it takes is the addition of an attractive, professional-looking label. You can use that label to showcase your brand, to show off your style and to make a great impression.

(See custom labels for clothing for varieties of labels)

Different people have a reason that makes them come to conclusion before buying a clothing material, for some, it might be the convenience of dry cleaning the material will make them pick up a certain garment, while some may decide to pick a certain garment because they prefer machine wash economics.

Nevertheless, buyers look beyond the fabric and aesthetics of a particular product. Is now a must for them to check for the use and maintenance, which is vital to push their decision forward or backwards to buy the product.

That’s why you need to come up with the best and most identifying label for your product.

Let’s quickly take a glance through and Learn more about how labels can be helpful in the clothing World.

The importance of labelling in clothing

Do you know that the brand label you’ll find in your clothing is something that carries it with a sense of authority? It is like proof that the clothing material is a genuine piece, though there are many possibilities that there might be a counterfeit.

Strangely enough, some people pay more attention to the brand of a specific piece of clothing, rather than the actual piece itself.

As far as the shirt someone is wearing is made by Fendi, they won’t even care about how the shirt looks on them. The same thing goes for sportswear and youngsters such as trainers. The brand name of their trainers is much more important to them than how the shoe actually looks or fits

Examples of clothing labels: These include swing tags, which are a label that can be made with the likes of different material such as paper, through to metal or even wood. These are usually stamped with the company’s name and logo and are fastened to a buttonhole, or the zip of a pair of jeans. These swing tags are easily removable and don’t stay too long on the garment once someone has purchased it.

There are also woven labels, which are quite popular and used the most by many brands, simply because they will remain part of the item of clothing for the duration of its lifetime. Woven labels also have a sense of quality about them, and are a reminder to the person wearing the items of clothing about the brand and what they stand for. Good quality items will always offer positive reinforcement of a brand, and for clothing companies, this is very important.

In addition to the classic care label, which is usually stitched to one lower side of the item, there are various other types of labels that are used for garments.


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