Gaga gone Gag-eurgh in Dramatic Performance Art

Well, she’s certainly one to make an entrance! Lady Gaga kicked off her performance at SXSW in typically memorable fashion; being carried on to the stage via a roasting spit, resembling a gutted pig, as dancer’s blasted her with BBQ sauce in barely-there black underwear – and her bizarre antic’s didn’t end there…


Gaga’s set then proceeded to an attractive woman eating barbecued sausages in a provocative manner, somewhat resembling the Dada-movement performance art. Soon after devouring the smoked meats portion, artist Millie Brown appeared on stage to assist Gaga’s performance of “Swine.” Brown, famous for her boundary expelling art, in which she drinks coloured milk and regurgitates the vibrant liquid normally onto canvas’ or clothing, then proceeded to drink a full bottle of neon green liquid before forcing herself to throw up on the singer as she played drums. The pair then climbed aboard a mechanical bull-like pig equipped with a ball gag and a keyboard. Gaga straddled Brown atop the pig and played the keys as they bucked in circles. Brown then painted Gaga with a black liquid that stained the singer’s skin throughout the performance. When asked about her unusual, quirky way of approaching art, Brown responded, “I have an inherent desire to push my own boundaries within my art. By creating art from the very depths of my own physical being I am able to challenge people’s perception of beauty, expressing raw elements of human nature and in turn challenging myself both physically and mentally.”


Part S&M sex club homage, part affirmational session and performance art, the show was sponsored by Doritos to benefit her Born This Way Foundation and included moments meant to provoke, along with other moments meant to inspire. Although, the show has caused some backfire with celebs such as Demi Lovato, who claims the performance glamorises eating disorders.



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