LaLa Land Swimwear Brand Relaunches Online

The countdown is over for the much awaited re-launch of LaLa Land Online. Born out of the free spirit of its creator, Shireen Serina,  the brand encapsulates everything that embodies unique and creative design. Lala Land fuses vibrancy and panache with form and functionality in order to make a statement like no other swimwear brand. Working closely with artists from across the world, the brand captures a sophisticated yet unpretentious style that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time.

From the initial spark in Shireen’s mind, to the first sketches, to the hand painting brush strokes, to the insane abstract graphics, and then stitching it all together, each Lala Land print comes from a very special crew of talented artists – a community of love that is continuously growing to take the brand to new realms

The current “Creatures” Collection features print designs for “The Indian,” “The Unicorn,” “The Leopard,” “The Black Rabbit,” “The Mermaid,” “The Bird of Paradise,” and “The Mermaid.” Each piece incorporates elements of the mystical creatures of stories that have captured our imaginations for lifetimes. Teaming up with jewellery designer Emily Coop , each design adorns a silver charm that can be worn as part of the swimsuit or removed and attached to a necklace or bracelet, allowing the wearer to unleash their own inner creature at all times

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