Music makes the world go round and no one knows that better than Sarah Story who I met on a dancefloor in Leeds many years ago. As girl bosses go – she is leading. From her weekly show at Capital DJ sets at Lovebox and Hideout – I turned down the volume to sit and catch up with Sarah.

Sarah thanks for joining me – you’ve been serving some serious looks on your Instagram – who are your fashion inspirations?

Kendal Jenner is a dream, she is beautiful with amazing style. I also love Alexa Chung, she’s flawless and manages to pull off any look.

Also Annie who runs a shop in Ibiza called ‘Annie’s Ibiza’ she has some amazing pieces. I discovered it last summer and I have bought 2 pieces already. I love that she models some of the pieces herself and always gets customers involved on her insta stories who are trying things on in the shop

What’s your go to key piece of clothing?

High waisted blue jeans from & Other Stories, I love them so much I’ve got 2 pairs. They can be dressed up or down and are really flattering.

How important is it to you that we influence and inspire the youth of today ? And what do you do to achieve that?

I think it’s crucial we influence and inspire the youth of today in all aspects of life from fashion to politics (although we’re not doing a great job at politics right now).

I’ve been working as a Radio Presenter for 5 years now and I have wanted to pass on my experience and knowledge to the younger presenters coming through the ranks.

It’s such a tough industry to crack so I have been hosting panels for BBC Bitesize in schools around Yorkshire to give advice on how to get into the creative industry. I am also a mentor for the Soho House Open House mentoring programme which helps young adults from under privileged backgrounds get help working in the creative world.

What has been your perfect holiday so far?

In 2018 I went away with 3 of my best mates to Ibiza. It’s an island I (and most other people) have been obsessed with for years. We went for 7 days and we went out ALOT ! The first night was spent at Café Mambos, Pikes then Defected. Monday was Flower Power at Pacha and Tuesday was a Katermeran to Formentra. Wednesday was Honey Djon at Pikes and Thursday was drinks in Dalt Villa and shopping at Annie’s Ibiza. Friday was Glitterbox closing party and then Saturday back to Pikes for Artworks residency. Needless to say we loved Pikes so much we’ve booked the whole weekend to stay for my birthday this year. Ibiza has changed so much over the years but the spirit is still there

What are your handbag essentials when abroad?

Chanel Red lips stick, Clarins lip comfort oil, sunglasses, suncream and a charger with converter!

Ideal holiday destination – tell us your hit list of places you want to visit!

Bali is on my hit list and I’m planning to go in 2020. I’ve heard mixed reviews but I need to go and see it for myself. I also want to visit Santorini, we’ve all seen the beautiful pictures on our Instagram feeds, it looks stunning! Japan is somewhere I’ve always been intrigued by, the fashion the food and the karaoke! And I really want to go see the northern lights.

How do you detox from social media?

The best thing to do if you’re on holiday is keep your phone in the safe in the hotel room then you can’t check it. There’s something really liberating about not having a phone on you… well until you need to book a taxi! At home I try and not look at my social media if I have guests over…if you really want to just de-activate your account!

If you could invite 4 women past or present over for dinner who would they be and why?

Marilyn Monroe – I’ve always thought she was the most beautiful women to walk the planet. She was so sexy and powerful and she would have SO many stories to tell!

Joanna Lumley – I think she is just fabulous and expect her to act like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous… pass the bolly darling!

Beyoncé – because it’s Beyoncé! She is the ultimate pop star and entrepreneur and of course I would make her sing for her dinner.

Sara Cox – she is someone I’ve grown up listening to on the radio and is the whole reason I got into radio. I absolutely LOVE her! We would definitely drink too much wine and dance on the tables.

When you were a little girl – what did you want to be?

Either a Spice Girl or a Radio Presenter. 1 out of the 2 isn’t bad.

Tell us about a hidden gem where you live!

There is a beautiful cake shop in Hackney called Violet, it makes the most incredible cakes. They actually made the Royal Wedding cake for Megan & Harry. From the outside it looks just like a bog standard cafe but inside it’s lush!

It’s the end of the world – you can do three things before you leave the earth – what are they!?

Go to Maldives & stay in one of those amazing hotel rooms that has a slide that goes from your room to the sea.

DJ at Amnesia

Get on the rocket that is getting us all the hell out of here!

What is the one song that has you go straight to the dance floor ?

Donna Summer – I feel love


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