After a prolonged wait, the moment has finally arrived – your property is now equipped with solar energy. Your excitement is palpable, as you’re ready to experience the benefits of investing in solar, firsthand. What would you say sold you on the idea of going solar?

New Jersey residents intending to jump on the bandwagon can liaise with EcoGen America – an experienced local firm providing industry-leading solar installations across the state and beyond. That way, you too can experience the joy of lighting up your life with solar. Let’s dive into the details to explain why solar energy can positively impact your home and business.

1. Clean Energy

By utilizing solar panels, residential and commercial property owners can power their dwellings or workspaces with clean, renewable energy that doesn’t contribute to air pollution or the depletion of our planet’s valuable natural resources. The sun provides the power; once installed, most solar panel systems require little maintenance beyond the occasional cleaning.

For perspective, let’s use Virginia as an example. The state largely depends on natural gas for electricity generation. Consequently, it produces approximately 680 pounds of carbon dioxide for every megawatt-hour of energy. In comparison, solar generation emits approximately zero pounds of carbon dioxide for each MW/h of energy produced. This means solar produces clean and reliable power that is much better for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint.

According to the EPA, an acre of solar panels sequesters over 150 times more carbon dioxide than an equivalent acre of forest cover annually. Such mind-boggling stats make solar a no-brainer for people looking to do their part in the fight against climate change.

2. Cost Reduction

A major selling point of solar energy is its ability to help reduce electricity costs. This makes it an attractive option for a property owner, as you can benefit from sizable reductions on your bills after switching to solar.

The amount you can save may vary depending on your location, system size, and other factors. If you go for a robust system, you may provide enough power to cover most of your energy needs. This can lead to massive savings, depending on the energy you use and your electricity rate. And during peak hours, you may even get paid by your electric utility company for supplying the excess energy your system produces.

To determine whether going solar is the right move, factor in the upfront cost, maintenance, long-term savings, and incentives or rebates your state might offer. EcoGen’s Savings Calculator can help you estimate the return on your investment – relieving the headache of crunching the numbers yourself.

The cost-effectiveness of solar panels lies largely in their long lifespan; most systems can last 25 years or more without major maintenance. This makes it a great choice for savvy property owners looking to save money in the long run.

3. Increased Property Value

Speak to any real estate agent, and they’ll tell you solar adds value to a residential or commercial property. A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that homes with rooftop solar panels sold at around 7% higher prices than those without them. Moreover, most of these units had short waiting periods because potential buyers recognized they could benefit from reduced electricity bills over time.

A report by Zillow also shows that installing solar panels enhances a home’s value by at least 4%. And while the figure may vary from state to state, the evidence is indisputable.

4. Promoting Self-Sufficiency

Power outages can be a pain, especially if they last longer than anticipated. For instance, if you rely on the grid to run a cold storage facility, a power outage can cause food to spoil, leading to huge losses. Or maybe you work from home and rely on an internet connection to stay productive. In either case, solar energy can be your savior, allowing you to remain largely independent from the grid.

Being self-sufficient reduces dependence on traditional energy sources. Thus, when hail storms or other inclement weather threaten power delivery to other homes or businesses, yours can remain safe and stable. Similarly, living off-grid can be an incredibly liberating experience as you are no longer tied to a traditional provider’s electricity prices and billing cycles.

5. Safety and Peace of Mind

Solar panels do not require combustible fuel to generate electricity. Hence, they don’t add to the risk of fire hazards associated with traditional energy sources like natural gas and propane. The system also eliminates dangerous emissions in your home or business that could affect your health.

Besides, the system’s silent operation means you won’t contend with the constant noise of combustion engines. Plus, noise disturbance complaints from neighbors won’t be an issue.

Is solar a viable or feasible option for your home or business? Certainly. Given the benefits above, it’s no wonder more people are making the switch. You, too, could be part of the groundbreaking movement – contact a reliable service provider for an in-home assessment, system design, and installation.


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