It’s no secret that living in London is expensive, buying a house these days feels almost impossible for millennials, and renting is generally the only feasible option for many young people. Whether you’re renting or just bought your first London pad, these top tips will help to make the most out of your apartment in the city of limited space…

Let in the light

In order to maximise your space, you need to create a light and airy vibe that feels comfortable rather than cramped. Avoid dark colours, especially on the walls. Instead, stick to a neutral colour palette and add splashes of colour with accessories such as throws, cushions and vases. Roman-style blinds are perfect for enabling natural light flood in and be sure to clear out any clutter on your window sill to let in as much light as possible. Long curtains trick the eye and create the illusion of extra space, so it might be worth investing in some new drapes.

Declutter and store items

When space is limited, you can’t afford to be using up vital space with clutter and junk. It’s time to be ruthless! The messy floordrobe needs to go, along with your collection of 200 DVD’s that you haven’t touched since the arrival of Netflix. Head to a car boot or get listing on eBay to make a few extra pounds. Storage unit provider Cubic Storage recommends decluttering in the style of Marie Kondo to make the most of a smaller space.

Add a splash of green

A home isn’t a home without a few plants! If you’ve decided to stick with a neutral colour theme throughout your apartment, then greenery will add a gorgeous splash of colour and life to create a serene environment. If space is a real struggle, you could look into adding a few hanging plants with a trendy macramé. Plant shelves are also a big interior trend at the moment. Source a piece of reclaimed wood and make your own DIY shelf with metal brackets and decorate with plants, books and candles. If you struggle to keep your greenery alive, a cactus is a good place to start. Baby steps.

Purchase a full-length mirror

Create the illusion of a bigger room with this handy little trick! A full-length mirror will maximise your space and reflect the natural light coming in from outside, creating a bright and breezy space to enjoy. You can pick up some beautiful design options, so decide whether you want to go for a Scandinavian-style design or something a little more traditional. Have an old pine mirror lying around? Give it a fresh update with a lick of white chalk paint.

Look for furniture with storage

Furniture which doubles up as storage is an absolute must-have for compact London living. Divan beds are a great example of a space-saving piece of furniture. Utilise the under-bed storage to house your belongings and all of those pairs of shoes you haven’t got around to throwing out just yet. Suitcases are also a great idea, keep your out eye for lovely vintage styles that can double up as coffee tables (stack for a quirky look!) or a feature in your home.


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