Look Your Best Without The Stress…

Have you ever experienced that sense of rush and adrenalin pumping through your veins? No, it’s not from exercise, a meeting with your boss or an impromptu evening out…

It is that insane rush out of the door, fixing those last minute beauty mishaps before leaving and looking fabulous with your peers! Here are some personal tips that have saved me countless of times. They vary from unpredicted occasions, to helpful know-hows to get your day rolling and looking glamorous in a moment’s notice!



Lipgloss and Mascara Trick

One quick way to look put together in a small amount of time are by enhancing your eyes and lips. By applying mascara, it elongates your lashes, creates a facial focal point and gives your peepers a bright-eyed look. To banish any late nights you have been having, use a good concealer for potential dark circles to really compliment the look. The quick dash of lipstick or gloss hydrates your pout and pulls the entire look together.  You will look ready and awake for the days’ events.


Hair rollers

Invest in some inexpensive hair rollers and they will save your hair the nightmare of teasing in the morning. Hair rollers are great when put in at night. We tend to have more time in the evening to prepare for next day’s itinerary, so use your time wisely and make the coming day a smooth one. Prepare your hair by applying mousse to the roots, and then go in with your rollers, curling them upwards to your head. In the morning remove the rollers, brush your hair out gently, and spritz with hair spray to hold it into place. The look? A voluminous hairstyle that looks like it took an hour of your time, when really you spent it watching television last night.

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Today’s Outfit

Pre-plan your outfits whenever possible. Hang them up or organise them into a pile with your accessories on top. It works wonders when you wake up in the morning and knowing what you are going to wear that day. It also makes you see what is in your wardrobe, ensuring you wear new clothes or existing ones. It is important to change your look up and utilise all of your wardrobe, not just the top drawer that we all seem to work from.



They are amazing for jazzing up an outfit as well as hiding any pesky flaws you may have. You could even skip the eye make up and focus on a bold lip colour to really bring this look to life. Celebrities look right on trend and it is usually their sunglasses that make a statement. Whether you are driving or nipping into the supermarket, make sure you have these bad boys on to really look glam and fabulous for the day. Remember to check out this guide on choosing the best eye wear for your face shape.



A hidden gem that many people forget the power of. People instantly feel feminine, seductive and most believe it completes an outfit. A small dose of perfume can remind you of a past memory, reignite a fire inside and get you pepped up for the day. Something that cannot be missed if you are wanting to feel refreshed in very little time.


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