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Looking to Make a Statement? 5 Mirror Decorating Trends You Should Know

Looking to Make a Statement? 5 Mirror Decorating Trends You Should Know

Many people look at mirrors as nothing more than necessities in a home.

November 17th, 2021

Many people look at mirrors as nothing more than necessities in a home. However, this item can be used as a decorating tool in any space in the house. Consider the following ideas as you go to update the look of your home. Most individuals find one or more of these techniques truly enhances the look and feel of their residence.

Large, Round Mirrors

Every person needs at least one mirror when they get ready to leave the home. They wish to ensure they are well-groomed and ready to see other people. Today, many homeowners choose to install a large, round mirror in their bathroom for this purpose. They love the bold statement these mirrors make and the appeal they add to any room. However, there are some things to consider if you choose to install this type of mirror in your bathroom.

Will the mirror allow you to see your entire face? Some people find the lower portion of their face cannot be seen in the mirror, which makes it difficult to complete some standard grooming tasks. Nevertheless, other men and women find they are willing to sacrifice being able to see their entire face as their West Mirrors are amazing. They may choose to install another type of mirror in the room to get the best of both worlds.

Of course, the round mirror won’t be enough to see the entire body. Consider pairing it with a full-length door mirror to get the best of both worlds. The combination of mirrors ensures a person can examine every aspect of their appearance before heading out the door to embark on their day.


Vintage mirrors add a touch of charm to any space in the home. Choose one with a timeworn patina and use it in place of artwork in the desired space. Some homeowners choose to install double vintage mirrors in their bathroom or mix and match different styles and patinas to create a look that is truly their own.

Don’t focus solely on retailers who sell new mirrors if you choose this decorating scheme. Look at thrift shops and other second hand stores. You may find the perfect mirror or mirrors for your needs and have money to pick up extras for other rooms in the home. Every resource should be utilized as you decorate your residence.

Oversized Mirrors

Bigger is better when it comes to many mirrors. Find an oversized mirror and place it behind the sofa in your home to see a dramatic difference in the look and feel of the room. Doing so significantly amplifies the lighting in the room. This is one reason why many boutique hotels today use this decorating technique. They love how it makes the room look bright and airy.

Once the mirror is in place, you will need to do little else in the room to have an elegant space that people love to gather in. The room looks larger than it actually is. Feng Shui experts actually recommend placing an oversized mirror in a dining room. They say doing so adds positive value to the space. Occupants of the home can expect to benefit from wealth and good luck when they add this feature to the room where they eat.

Consider both framed and unframed mirrors when using this decorating technique. Many people choose to leave the other walls bare in this room. A framed mirror may add additional visual appeal or a person might choose a minimalist look. It’s all in what you prefer.

Leaning Mirrors

Visit many homes today and you will find a mirror leaning on the mantle. Why do so many homeowners choose this decorating option? What are its benefits?

Mirrors fulfill multiple purposes in a home. People use them to check their appearance, they make any space look brighter and larger, and mirrors add elegance to a room. Furthermore, the mirror protects the wall from damage and can easily be moved to update the appearance of the room.

Consider installing a leaning mirror in proximity to the front door. This allows you to check your appearance one last time before exiting the residence. However, avoid placing right inside the front door, as this isn’t the first thing you want to encounter when you return home.

Vertical leaning mirrors in a small living room amplify existing lighting. In addition, they enhance the space. However, if the room is rectangular, try placing the mirror on a short wall facing the furniture. This will reflect the furniture and make the room appear much larger than it is.

Set a leaning mirror in the corner of your bedroom to make the space look bigger. Some people find they don’t like this placement and move the mirror next to their bed or dresser. Doing so is perfectly acceptable, so long as you can easily move around the room as needed.

Off-Center Mirrors

Most people instinctively hang their mirror in the center above an existing object in a room. Although there is nothing wrong with doing so, consider moving the mirror off to one side. This adds life and dynamism to the look of the room while taking people by surprise. Furthermore, doing so means a person won’t be staring at their face if they sit in front of the mirror for any reason.

One benefit of installing a mirror off-center is that it provides the space with a light and airy feeling. Some people find this technique drives them crazy, as it throws off the composition of the room. Other people, however, find it is exactly what they need to make the space their own. They know most people won’t use this technique, and it allows them to stand out in the crowd.

When positioning the mirror, ensure it still provides the desired benefits. For instance, if you are using the mirror to make the room look bigger or maximize the lighting, make sure it accomplishes this goal. Otherwise, you may be disappointed with the new placement and find the mirror must be relocated.

The right mirror can serve multiple purposes in a home. It can function as a piece of art while providing individuals with a way to check their appearance. In addition, a mirror may create perspective in a room or add depth to a windowless wall. Purchase a new mirror today and begin to explore different ways to use it in your decorating scheme. You won’t be disappointed with the results.



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