LUSH Releases Its First Graphic Novel… Really!

You’re showing off your #OOTD, gliding effortlessly through the hoards of normals on the high street. When suddenly, like a delicious hook through your perfectly contoured and well trained nose you smell it… the unmistakeable scent of LUSH. Never has a scent meant more to us than the memory of The Body Shops retro Ananya or Dewberry… pre-extinction of course.

Fresh, handmade and ethically sourced, LUSH is everything we should be using and more. The smells, the cuteness and the daring ideas and designs make LUSH a firm House of Coco favourite.

If you too, are a fan of everything that’s right about the way LUSH work consider this… Their new graphic novel ‘On The Trail of Sandalwood Smugglers’.

What better way to support the buying team in their decisions and learn about how difficult it can actually be to maintain a completely ethical source for products… than to buy the book.

‘Join Lush Buying’s daring duo, Agnès Gendry and Simon Constantine, on their journey into the nefarious underworld of sandalwood smuggling. This rip-roaring true tale of deceit, duplicity and decapitation stretches the globe as our pair sniff out the real nature of sandalwood … and find more than they bargained for.

Written by Simon and Agnès and illustrated by Chicago-based Plastic Crimewave, this book gives readers a fascinating insight into the truth behind sourcing such a precious commodity as sandalwood and Lush’s Buying Team’s journey as they scour the world for a sustainable and ethical source. An essential read for anyone interested in the stories behind the people and ingredients that go into many Lush products.’

The book itself is a great read. Entertaining, witty and serious. The illustrations are perfect for this kind of book and the writing is incredibly insightful. Bravo to you LUSH for thinking about doing something like this. It’s daring, modern and a beautiful way to publicise yourselves and your ethics.

The new book and products are now available from UK Lush shops and UK Online.


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