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Luxury Gift Hampers Ideas

Luxury Gift Hampers Ideas

There is nothing better than receiving a gift that is well thought out and that makes you smile.

August 28th, 2020

There is nothing better than receiving a gift that is well thought out and that makes you smile. And when you receive something that gives you the chance to open many things, it feels extra special.

This is one of the reasons hampers make such great gifts. They can be aimed directly at the person and be filled with things they love. At the same time because there are a variety of items in it, the person gets to open one big present that has several others.

Hampers come in all different price points and if you are looking for hamper delivery Sydney has a top hamper company.

Today we will focus on luxury hamper ideas. So if you are looking to give a high end luxury hamper to someone here are some suggestions for you.

Luxury Wine and Cheese Hamper

There is hardly any better combination of great foods than wine and cheese. These two have been taste mates for nearly all of recorded history, and it is well known how loved they are together. In other words you can hardly go wrong with these two at the center of your hamper. You should purchase a hamper with a high end bottle of red or white wine and order a cheese that goes with your selection. For white wines select a Brie, Gorgonzola, Gouda or Goat cheese. These will not overpower the lighter taste of a white wine.

If you select a Pinot, Cabernet, Merlot or Chiraz, consider pairing it with a Gruyère, Chevres, Asiago or other aged cheese. In terms of other items in the hamper you should also have some crackers or bread to go with the duet. Add a few small French baguettes, some focaccia, or even an olive bread with your red wine and cheese. As for crackers, it is up to you to decide on hard and crispy or soft. Whichever texture you choose keep the flavors neutral so as to not ruin your wine and cheese combination.

Luxury Chocolate Hamper

Because everyone loves chocolate, receiving a luxury chocolate hamper can brighten up the most disappointing day. With this in mind you should consider giving a hamper that contains the best chocolates. Your goal should be to provide a variety of different types of chocolates to tickle anyone’s fancy. Give a great selection of finest milk, white and dark chocolates, marshmallow, popcorn truffles and chocolate pastels. And make sure that the chocolate incomes in many different styles.

There should be chocolate bars, sticks, individual candies and perhaps even a dip. Have the person who receives the hamper think that they have died and gone to chocolate heaven. Chocolate is often paired with a nice red wine so you should also add one as an accompaniment. In the end your luxury chocolate hamper will be very well received.

Gourmet Food Hamper

A gourmet food hamper might be the perfect luxury gift to indulge someone you know is special. Create a mix of sweet and savoury treats for them to enjoy. Start off with a bottle of champagne. Select one for Moet and you cannot go wrong here. Add some Belgian chocolates to excite the palate. Fill it with jars or tins of duck pâté, Alexandria olives and spicy harissa meze dip, and don’t forget the Norweigian Salmon. Rosemary crackers will make a nice place to spread the goodies and as snack finishers how about Sicilian butter cookies, or fiery Cajun spiced nuts. A total meal with a variety of delicious tastes.

Choose one or all to give as gifts and you will never have a disappointed recipient. Of course whichever hamper style you select make sure that the presentation is up to the amazing ingredients inside.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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