Some people go for huge rocks and dazzle people with sparkling diamonds. Others prefer subtle but stylish pieces of jewellery. While some like their jewellery to mean something.

The personalised jewellery market has always been popular, and it appeals to a wide range of consumers. Children are often introduced to jewellery through personalised pieces such as name necklaces. But, many adults like to wear jewellery with initials, or some personal touch to them.

Personalising jewellery makes it that bit more unique to the wearer, and often increases the purpose of the ring or necklace.

How does personalised jewellery make a statement?

Online stores such as Ifshe have large ranges of jewellery that can be personalised in different ways. Subtle ways to personalise jewellery can include engraving a message where it cannot be seen except by the owner. And birthstones are another simple way to add personality to jewellery without going over the top.

But, what if you want to make a big statement with your jewellery? Perhaps you want something bolder and with more bling than the usual pieces of jewellery.

Name necklaces

Necklaces with names are common in the jewellery world, and children and adults alike can be seen wearing them. Very often, the wearer of a name necklace will have their own name on display. This is already a statement in itself.

However, there is a trend now for people to wear their significant other’s names on necklaces. This again is a statement of loyalty, perhaps pride, and love.

One reason that name necklaces remain in fashion is that they go with any outfit. You can pick a necklace to complete your look with ease.

Personalised earrings

Along the same line as name necklaces, earrings can easily be customised, but they can be quite subtle.

Initials and names can make a statement with earrings. But, birthstones might make a better choice. Birthstone earrings don’t need to be overwhelming, but they will still connect to your personality. Alternatively, zodiac stones or symbols can be incorporated into earring designs too.

Create your own jewellery

If you want a truly personal piece of jewellery then get involved with designing. There are two approaches to designing jewellery; use a professional jeweller or get creative yourself.

It’s common now for clients to sit with designers to put together ideas for bespoke jewellery, but this might not match your budget. Another way is to create your own pieces.

If you are creative you might find you can even create a sideline out of jewellery design. Among the top 5 sellers on Etsy are 2 jewellers and 1 business involved with weddings. Clearly, these niches sell well.

Match your style to your jewellery and vice versa

Technically, this doesn’t involve personalised jewellery, but you will stamp your personality all over your choices.

Vintage and art deco are distinctive forms of jewellery, and if this is your style, then go big to make a statement.

Art Deco is a distinctive style that was in full force between 1919 to 1939. Interestingly, Art Deco didn’t receive its name until 1968, nearly 30 years after it had fallen out of fashion.

Jewellery in the style of Art Deco tends to be larger than life and has stark, rigid, geometric designs. But, despite these constrictions, Art Deco jewellery is elegant and makes a statement. And Art Deco offers interesting ideas for wedding days, including marital jewellery.

Personalised grills

If big and bold is the look you are going for then there are some super-sized name necklaces on the market, or you could try grills.

Grills, grillz, or fronts, are a way to decorate front teeth. Grills are usually made of precious metals and often incorporate gemstones. Subtle they are not, but they will make a statement. Especially if you spell out your name in gemstones across the grill.

Gemstone encrusted initials

If you are a fan of bling and chunky rings, then you can take personalised jewellery up a notch. Instead of simple initials engraved in jewellery, try having them encrusted in gemstones.

This blingy look can be affordable through the use of non-precious gemstones. And even just as a piece of fashion jewellery, it is sure to make a statement. Searching for personalised jewellery UK will bring up all manner of options, and most will be more subtle, but if you want to push the bar a bit, you can.


Personalised jewellery can make a big bold statement, or it can be subtle and have a hidden meaning. Wearing birthstones is unlikely to draw a lot of attention, but you will understand the personal connection that exists there.

Alternatively, personalised jewellery can be made more obvious, and name necklaces can be covered in gemstones for maximum effect. If all this is a little too much, then perhaps a photo locket would be the best choice for personalised jewellery.


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