Making Memories On Snapchat.

Team Coco has just found out that social media platform, Snapchat will be rolling out a new feature next month called Memories. Its a new feature that will allow users to save their snaps and stories, something that you couldn’t do before under the social media platform. Usually, the only way to save your creations is straight to your camera roll, but now with Memories, you can also create newer story lines with the pics and vids you’ve saved. You can link them in different ways to create either a more cohesive story or just a more exciting one to show your friends and family.


As for privacy issues, the feature will allow you to flag snaps you don’t want others to see by marking them as My Eyes Only, this way, friends or family won’t some how uncover your secret stash of images and videos. Memories can also be backed up, but will only save the snaps you want to use for stories or the ones marked as My Eyes Only — this is great for those who don’t want to save anything onto their own camera roll.

Wait for Snapchat to send you a message next month when the feature is ready for use.

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