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Male-Dominated Industries That Women are Breaking Barriers In

Male-Dominated Industries That Women are Breaking Barriers In

When you traditionally think of women in the workforce, you think of professions such as nursing, teaching, administration, and clerical work.


When you traditionally think of women in the workforce, you think of professions such as nursing, teaching, administration, and clerical work. You don’t think manual labor jobs, technology positions, or financial industries. However, in today’s modern age, women all around the world are breaking the gender barriers and are not just working in male-dominated sectors but are thriving.

What Are Male-Dominated Industries?

According to Catalyst, male-dominated occupations are occupations where women make up 25 percent or less of the workforce. While only 6.5 percent of women work in male-dominated industries, the younger generation is starting to make some changes.

So if you are a woman just entering the workforce or are considering a career change, here are the top male-dominated industries that women are making strides in.


One of the fastest-growing labor industries for women to enter is construction. It is safe to say that men are not the only ones who are looking to rent work trucks and equipment. Women are not only taking up labor jobs but are holding positions as foremen and construction site managers. Construction jobs have always been viewed as “men’s work” due to the physicality that construction work demands, making it hard for women to break into the industry. However, on-the-job training and high salaries provide an endless amount of potential for women looking to get their hands dirty.

Finance Careers

Another male-dominated industry that women are making strides in is finance. For years men have been the driving force behind financial sectors, but women are diversifying the industry in record numbers. Financial careers are extremely lucrative, and women are working their way into CEO and management positions. In addition, women are also changing finance business culture. More and more corporations are offering parental leave, family support groups, specialized workshops, and more.


Like construction, plumbing is a labor-intensive industry that has been traditionally dominated by a male workforce. However, more and more women are becoming plumbers. Not only do plumbers make a nice salary, but work is always in demand. In addition, getting certified as a plumber takes significantly less time than getting a four-year degree allowing women to enter the workforce at a younger age and make a good living.


Another rewarding and fulfilling career path women are breaking barriers in is piloting. Not only do most piolets make at least a six-figure salary, but you will be able to travel the world, get travel discounts, and make a flexible schedule. Not to mention anyone that knows how to fly a plane is pretty amazing.


For years men have dominated manufacturing industries, but more and more women are making a career out of manufacturing positions. While starting salaries could be low, there is great potential for growth. It is not uncommon for a woman to start out on an assembly line and work her way into a management position.

Mechanical Engineering

Another industry where women are breaking barriers is mechanical engineering. With high salaries and challenging work, mechanical engineering can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career path. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing sensors, power sources, and mechanical systems that are crucial for certain organizations and infrastructures.


Architecture is another career path that women haven’t traditionally pursued. However, women architects like Zaha Hadid and Denise Scott Brown, among others, have paved the way for women looking to get into architecture. As long as you are creative and work hard, you can have an extremely successful career as an architect regardless of your gender. In addition, the best thing about architecture is how versatile the industry is. You can design buildings, houses, recreational parks, cities, landscape projects, and more.

Continuing to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Every day more and more women are proving that anyone can have a successful career in any industry they choose. As long as you work hard, you can do anything you put your mind to.



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