Malta is one of many locations in the world that functions mostly on tourism. The island is located between Italy and Tunis and you don’t need to have plenty of time to visit all popular destinations because of its size. It’s a perfect place if you want to go and relax, party, or enjoy some amazing weather.

When to Visit?

There are a few different factors you should consider and one of them is: when is the perfect time to travel. Each season has its advantages but if you like warm weather, the best time to visit is in the spring when it’s not too hot. The most popular time of the year is the summer when you can expect a lot of tourists and high prices.

Fall and winter are not the best time to visit because the climate becomes very dry but there are still some people visiting. In the winter, you can expect rain and colder weather.

How to Get Around?

Another thing that will be important is to plan how you will move from one place to another. This usually depends on what you plan to do while traveling and with how many people you are visiting. You can use a car, bus, taxi, or a ferry.

Renting a car is probably the best option because you can do it as soon as you get off the plane. Remember that you might need an international drivers license for Malta depending on your original license. Using a bus is also a smart idea if you want to save money but you’ll have to get used to traveling with a crowd.

You’ll have some comfort using a taxi but it is very expensive because most of their clients are tourists so they increase the prices. Either thing you choose, you should use a ferry from time to time and visit places like Gozo.

How Expensive Is It?

If you don’t have a budget and you can afford anything, then it is a great place for you because you’ll have plenty of things to spend on. But, most have a certain budget in mind and everyone will have things to enjoy no matter how much money they have.

Some of the things you might be interested in are the drinks and food. They are cheap compared to some other European countries like Italy. Coffee and beer will go from 1 to 3 euros which is also the price of a bus ticket.

If you want to have a nice seafood dinner for a couple, you will need to have at least 40 euros. Renting a car will depend on the vehicle but the prices range from 25 to 35 euros.

Places to Visit

The whole country is very compact but you have a lot of places to visit starting from Valletta, Malta’s capital. You can explore it for a whole day and it can be quite fun checking out the architecture and churches which are protected by UNESCO. Other locations you should visit include Gozo Island, Blue Lagoon, St. Julians, Sliema, The Three Cities.


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