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Marble & Wood Home Decor: A Match Made in Heaven

Marble & Wood Home Decor: A Match Made in Heaven

There was a time when mixing textures was a big no-no, but now it appears to be the way forward, with marble and wood the most popular pairing for

August 27th, 2020

There was a time when mixing textures was a big no-no, but now it appears to be the way forward, with marble and wood the most popular pairing for obvious aesthetic reasons. You have likely seen marble coffee tables with wood accessories finding their way into homes all over the world, so what’s driving this obsession? If you’re looking to make some changes in your home and find yourself drawn to these elements, let’s get to the bottom of why they look so stylish together and a few considerations to keep in mind before you launch into your home decor mission.

The ultimate contrast

Marble and wood are in every way a contrast, and this in itself is a reason to pursue this gorgeous pairing. Every interior designer and artists are always looking to achieve a balance in a home, and by putting these two textures to work in your decor, you can easily find that balance and allow one to complement the other. The marble looks and feels cool, whereas wood is warm at the touch and in nature. The two textures also allow you a great amount of flexibility throughout your home, with marble being more dominant in some rooms, and wood being more dominant in others. The juxtaposition of these different materials actually makes them more pronounced, and if you can imagine metal in place of one or the other you can see that it doesn’t deliver the same impact as marble and wood do together.

The kitchen and bathroom

Marble can be found in the kitchen and bathroom of a home as these rooms experience moisture which does not affect marble in any way, unlike wood which absorbs moisture and can warp and rot as a result. The marble also gives these rooms a cool feel, almost clinical which is what you would associate with rooms such as these. You can introduce your wood accents with minimal features in your bathroom and kitchen design, such as a laundry basket, pot plants, cooking equipment, vases, cabinets and other items that can be made from wood and found in the kitchen and bathroom. Remember that you don’t need to overdo it as these materials really do stand out against each other, so aim for a subtle mix.

Bedrooms and living spaces

Now we enter the rooms of the house which see a higher wood usage, with beds, furniture, dining tables and other bits and pieces made from wood cosywood.co.uk. Wood, the structure and warmth it exudes, are very much at home in these rooms and can really set the scene for rest and relaxation. Marble can be really beautiful in these environments through coffee tables, bedside tables and even dining table surfaces. Once again, subtle touch is required here as you want this to be a seamless integration and not fill these rooms with token marble surfaces to tie into the rest of the home.


Given that these two materials are going to be used together throughout your home, you want to be deciding on one type of marble and one type of wood throughout as a board range of colours and designs will make your house feel quite chaotic and achieve exactly the opposite of what you are hoping for. That’s not to say you have to get all your decor from the same place, but you should be deciding whether you choose light or dark wood throughout and one colour and style of marble. A good rule of thumb is to build on what you already have around the house so you are not spending too much or having to rehome items in perfect condition.


You will certainly not regret this stunning pairing and expect to get many comments from others who are yet to take the plunge into this beautiful design trend. Remember to find quality marble and wood wherever you shop, as there are many providers selling these items from many different materials and not all are authentic.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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