Men’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Winter Coat

Mens Guide to Choosing the Perfect Winter Coat

For men, there are few purchases as important as a winter coat. This will be the item that you rely on throughout the winter months so it will need to be something that is both practical and stylish. There are many different types of winter coat to consider which can make this a tricky purchase – with this in mind, here is your guide to finding the perfect winter coat which will last you for years to come.


Wool coat: A practical and stylish type which can be worn to work or out at the weekend. There are many variations, such as peacoats, single-breasted, double-breasted etc.

Parka: A practical casual choice with a fur-lined hood.

Padded/Quilted: Lightweight yet very warm and a bridge between sportswear and streetwear.

Trench coat: Lightweight, waterproof and windproof, this is a stylish yet highly practical choice with a wide range of styles to choose from.

Field coat: Another practical casual choice ideal for those that want a warm winter coat with plenty of pockets.

What Suits You?

In order to pick the perfect winter coat, you will need to think about your own personal fashion style. If you tend to dress smart then overcoats and trench coats are good options which can be dressed up or dressed down. If you are more into streetwear then parkas, quilted coats and field coats will appeal to you more. 

What Do You Need it For

Another important consideration is what you need the coat for. You may require something that you can wear to the office and something to keep you warm out on the town at night, or alternatively it may be something that you can wear dog walking or while out and about. Many winter coats are smart enough to tick all of the boxes which can make them a great investment.


Finally, it is important that you purchase quality no matter what type of coat you go for. There are often cheap alternatives available but these will not keep you warm or last as long as the real thing – additionally, it is easy to spot the difference in quality too. As an example, a high-quality puffer jacket from a reputable company like Belstaff will last you for years to come and look the part whereas a cheap version will not be as practical or stylish.

Picking the right winter coat is difficult as there are so many different types to consider. The key is to know what the main types of coat are and to think about what your wants and needs are from the garment. This should help you to narrow your search and it is then a matter of shopping for a high-quality coat that you like the look of.

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