The Hairstyle You Need To Adopt This Season.. and the products you’ll need to achieve the look

As the new spring season approaches most men look to new clothes in order to freshen up their image, but you can achieve the same effect by starting from the top and giving your hairstyle an overhaul, or even by just switching products, a timely upgrade. Hair is about boosting your natural attributes, and complimenting your style and personality so experiment to build confidence and find the look that suits your face type. Try using different products; if you always use gel, style your hair with wax or vice versa. Just like with clothing, the catwalk can be an excellent source of inspiration for this change. From this seasons European fashion shows, four key looks stood out and are set to be the most popular styles for 2014. These styles cover a variety of different looks for different hair types and textures, so let this be your inspiration the next time you walk into the barbers.

The Quiff

The Quiff has been one of the most in demand styles in recent years by men who take style seriously. It is a look that works well with a clean shaven face, or a small amount of facial hair.

The look starts with getting the cut right, this works perfectly with straight hair and the hair at the front of the head should be longer than the rest of the head. You need to begin by blowdrying the hair from the roots, as you pull it back into the shape of the quiff. Apply a gel or pomade, such as Loreal Studio Line Extreme Gel to hold it in place.

You can experiment with the volume of the quiff or even part it to one side to tailor the look to your style, or this can be partnered with the next look on this list for even greater impact.

Hardy Amies RTW Fall 2014 Model Wearing a Quiff


Undercut Fade

The undercut fade is by far the most versatile style on this list, it can be just a simple, clean cut fade, or a trendier style with much more extreme difference between the length on the top and on the sides. It can also be a base for other styles on the list, which explains why it is a go to style for many men.

The defining feature of this style is the volume of hair concentrated on the crown, compared to the trimmed sides of the undercut. After growing your hair out to a medium length, ask for the sides to be shaved. I find that a more gentle fade an inch or two down from the hairline is a more modern take on this style, otherwise it can be reminiscent of the Fresh Prince in the early 90s! Men with curly hair need to apply a little bit of gel or natural oil, such as coconut oil to control the longer hair on top, and make sure to get regular trims to keep the contrast sharp.

Undercut fade

Undercut fade

Slick Back Hair

Increasingly popular on the catwalk and adopted by hipsters, this tidy and set style was popular in the Milan shows due to the Italian preference for glossy and perfectly combed hair. The flawlessly groomed look is riding a wave of popularity having made a comeback on the back of period television series.

To achieve the look, all that is required is a small amount of a wet gel and then just comb the hair straight back, or across. If you’re working across the head, style the hair with a deep defined part on one side, and then comb hair in the opposite direction. Aim to avoid loose hairs on the top of your head, but don’t worry if the ends aren’t perfect as this adds to the look. You can make this style more relaxed by using your fingers for a looser slick back, or by keeping the form without the slickness and using products such as a matte wax or a clay.

Bradley Cooper sporting Slick Back Hair

Bradley Cooper sporting Slick Back Hair

Curly and Messy

The polar opposite of slick hair, with texture and body, the curly and messy look is inspired by surfer nonchalance, Stark family males in Game of Thrones, and post-concert rockstars. Seen on the catwalk in London in various forms, It is an updated version of bed head and is a relaxed casual daytime look. It works best on men with naturally curly and thick hair. This style requires little product and attention, just massage some Sassoon Curl Form foam through your hair for extra messiness and frizz protection. This look goes well with a thick well maintained beard, popular as it is a nod back to old school masculinity and a sign of virility.

British Model David Gandy wears his hair naturally Curly

British Model David Gandy wears his hair naturally Curly

Most importantly you should use your hair to show your personality. Use volumised wax or gel to create big quiffs and bouncy curls if your a happy, extrovert man. Serious or more reserved? Try flattening your hair with gel and teaming with a side parting to best reflect your personal style.



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