Tuxedo is the one-stop choice for any event or occasion for men. A good tuxedo will always make you feel like it was made for you. It’s one of the greatest joys in the world – flaunting a perfectly fitted tuxedo. But, how to buy one which is a worthy investment? Our experts are here to help you.


First things first, let’s talk about the jacket. It seems like a very simple black on. However, it has very distinct features and a lot of people get it wrong especially in Hollywood today. The classic choice for fabric is a black wool barathea which is a little more matte. Alternatively, you can opt for something navy or a very dark blue, maybe with a herringbone weave. Some people even go with fine twill weave or a plain weave.


Sometimes people add a little bit of mohair to the fabric which adds some sparkle which is particularly well suited for evening wear. If you see synthetic blends, any kind of nylon or polyester, stay clear of them because you’ll sweat and it’s going to be uncomfortable and you won’t look dapper. You don’t want to look like that, do you? The gold standard for tuxedo fabrics is 100% wool. Make sure it’s not too thick and heavy; otherwise, you’ll easily overheat. In terms of styling, the most classic option is a single button jacket which is like single breasted with just one button.

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The most traditional jacket has no vents which are unusual today because most jackets have either side vents or centre vents. The centre vent comes from horseback riding, side vents are more comfortable when you stand but for evening wear, you go for the ultimate look and the ventless is just the best because it really hugs your body and looks awesome. The most original pocket style is jetted pockets. You have one on the right, one on the left, no ticket pocket. Sometimes, you see men with flap pockets. However, that’s a detail from day wear and not suited to evening wear. In terms of buttons, you want black matching buttons that are either covered in the same fabric as your tuxedo or silk, or you go with a contrasting button sometimes with some decorations.

Nowadays, you will see men wearing a notched lapel tuxedo. However, that’s incorrect and should never be worn. An alternative to it would be a shawl collar (preferably with a single button or a double-breasted jacket with a shawl collar). Typically, it’s a four-buttoned jacket that’s just buttoned on one and you can also have it with peak lapels. So keep in mind, peak lapels or shawl collars are the only acceptable options for black tie.


Bow tie, low cut waistcoats, and cufflinks go well with a tuxedo. The jacket lapels should match well with the sheen of the bow tie’s fabric. It is up to you to decide which waistcoats or cummerbunds you want. To increase your level of formality and appropriateness, keep the colour choices at a conservative level. The metal trim of studs goes well with silver or gold cufflinks the sheen

Last but not least, buy the tuxedo from a departmental store who specializes in men’s clothing. Ask for a fitting specialist and decide the right size of the jacket which will fit in properly. Determine if final adjustments are needed. Do not compromise on your formal outfit look if the tuxedo does not fit you properly.


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