Menstrual cups like the Daisy Cup and the disc work almost the same because they have the identical function that collects the menstrual blood. That’s why a lot of consumers get confused about what to use. To help you decide, below is the information you need about menstrual cups and discs.

Let’s find out what’s better to use during your period.

What Is Menstrual Discs?

Menstrual discs are already in the market for a long time now. Though it has the same function as a menstrual cup, unfortunately, it cannot last for years, unlike the cup.

You can only use the menstrual disc for 12 hours only and throw it after. It is not reusable so it can still add up to waste. If you are using a menstrual disc, you have to make sure that it sits in the base of vaginal fornix compared to menstrual cups which sits in the cervix of your vagina.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

According to the Daisy Cup website, menstrual cup started in the 19th century after ladies during that time realized that wearing sheepskin pad is awkward and inconvenient. Like the menstrual disc, its job is to collect the menstrual blood as well and prevent leaks even during a substantial period. They are made of medical-grade silicone, and it is shaped like a bell.

It has a stem on it which is easier to use, especially during insertion and removal. The cup has seals to allow a secure attachment to the vaginal wall. Unlike a menstrual disc, you can use it multiple times for more than a year and can hold your menstrual blood up to 12 hours depending on your menstrual flow.

What Are the Similarities of Menstrual Cup And Disc?

The similarities between the menstrual cup and discs can be found at their usages, such as collecting flow instead of absorbing it like how tampons and pads work. They can hold almost the same quantity of blood in 12 hours.

Also, both can be worn by inserting it inside your vagina, and when it is full, you also need to remove it. However, these are the only similarities that they have, and still, the menstrual cup works better than the menstrual disc.

What are the Differences Between Menstrual Cup And Disc?

Below are the cited differences between a menstrual cup and a menstrual disc.

Materials Used to Manufacture

Most menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, while other cups are made out of thermoplastic elastomer. Medical grade silicone is naturally safe to your vagina. That is why it is recommended to use a cup instead of any menstrual products because it is more reliable than cotton. Menstrual disc, on the other hand, is made of the polymer blend or synthetic.


A menstrual cup is more flexible to use than menstrual discs. It can be folded in many ways depending on your menstrual needs, and it allows you to control the insertion. For first time users of cups, it is less painful to insert. While the menstrual disc can only be inserted by pinching it together at the center.

Strong Hold

Unlike the menstrual discs, menstrual cup has a seal that allows for the cup to firmly attached to the vaginal canal. If the cup is sealed, there is little chance of leaks no matter what you do while wearing it. That is why it is recommended to use it while running, doing your fitness routine, and other heavy activities.

The menstrual disc does not have a seal, and it only rests in the vaginal fornix. So if you cough, laugh or sneeze the discs may cause leaks and might gush out.


When using a menstrual disc, you can only use it for 12 hours, and then you need to throw it away. However, menstrual cups are more durable because it’s made from solid materials that allow the cup to last longer up to ten years. Every time you are through with your period, you only need to keep it in a clean cloth bag and use it in your next red days.


Managing menstruation is not that easy to handle, that is why we are looking for the best menstrual product that we can trust. Nowadays, you can already see a lot of menstrual products and they are very promising, which makes you confused about what to use and what brand to choose.

However, you can consider all the facts listed about the most trending menstrual product today, which are the menstrual cup and disc. Know your menstrual needs and find which works best for you. Period should not be stressful. Make sure to use a reliable product that is more convenient to use, safe for your private area, and protects you against leaks.


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