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Mental Health Tips for Seniors and PWD

There are many risks to people with disabilities and seniors when it comes to their brain health and their mental dexterity.

There are many risks to people with disabilities and seniors when it comes to their brain health and their mental dexterity. Unfortunately, age does come to us all and for many of us that means cognitive decline. There is however much that we can do to improve our cognitive ability even as we are aging, to help us ward off threats such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Here we are going to take a look at just some of the ways in which seniors and PWD can work on their brain health and keep things sharp.

Playing Mind Games

Much like the body needs a good workout, so too does our brain in order to perform at its best. This is why brain games are an excellent way to ensure that your brain is working to the best of its ability. Try out games such as sudoku or crosswords, anything that forces your brain into working things out logically. Ideally you should be looking to spend at least an hour per day doing these kinds of games.

Physical Exercise

Even if you are a PWD or you are aging, there is nothing stopping you from getting some level of physical exercise in. If you are a PWD then you can get some help from the disability services at Interaction Services, who will help you with a workout plan that is custom made for what you are able to do. Seniors should take it slowly of course but still go out for walks and even do some yoga. Exercise does both the body and the brain good, thanks to the release of feel-good chemicals as you exercise.

Stay Close To Friends

When it comes to seniors in particular, the loss of friendships and friendship groups can be devastating on mental health and brain function. Loneliness can lead to depression which then speeds up cognitive decline. Try and find new friends, join in with activities and stay in touch with the friends you do have in order to stay positive and avoid loneliness.

Try Something New

Picking up a new hobby is a great way to keep your brain in shape. This will teach you to think differently and to open up different pathways in your brain. No matter what the hobby is, you will be be encouraged to work your brain and that is going to be great for strengthening those neural connectors and keeping cognitive decline at bay.

Looking After a Pet

Getting a pet will bring untold amounts of joy and keep you busy. Many seniors and PWD are only really responsible for themselves, yet having a pet around mean that you also have to responsible for them. This also greatly encourages mental dexterity and helps keep our brains healthy and active. A dog or a cat is a great option here.

Using these tips, you can work hard on making sure that your brain stays sharp and that you remain as healthy as you can, for as long as you can.