Although celebrations have been limited recently, the micro-wedding has resulted in more personal and meaningful ceremonies, and it looks like the trend for smaller weddings could be here to stay. In a modest setting, and without the expense of catering for hundreds of guests, couples have instead been focusing on making lasting memories with simple touches, investing in meaningful symbols of commitment, and spending more on photographs of intimate gatherings to share with loved ones in the future.

Investing In Enduring Symbols Of Marriage

As so many couples have had to curtail their extravagant wedding celebrations, their attention has turned to investing more in engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment for the future. Iconic celebrity rings can be inspiring, and as William and Kate celebrate 10 years of marriage, couples might be influenced to follow in their footsteps and start the path to married life with an antique engagement ring of sentimental value. For those who want to replicate an older design, but at the same time create a unique piece to suit an individual style, choosing a vintage-style engagement ring could be the answer. Inspired by ancient world symbols or Art Deco geometrics, couples can create a timelessly beautiful and unique ring that is more meaningful to them personally.

Capturing Lasting Memories Of An Intimate Wedding

With smaller guest lists, many couples are spending more on photographs of their special day. At a simpler, quieter wedding, they have time to concentrate on creating elaborate and stylized photographs, similar to a magazine photo shoot. As well as striking a pose for the camera, couples want to create an album of photos that recreates the day to share with friends and family who are unable to attend the celebration. At a smaller wedding, without the need to photograph the seemingly endless formal groupings, it’s possible to capture more natural and intimate moments. There is also greater opportunity to take pictures of the smaller details such as personal place cards, wedding favors and buttonholes which might go unnoticed at a large wedding but become more meaningful in an intimate setting.

Although hosting a smaller, more intimate wedding might not always have been the plan, many couples are now actively choosing a micro-wedding, even where larger gatherings are allowed. By placing greater importance on the lasting symbols and mementoes of the day, wedding celebrations become more personal and meaningful.


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