Mid-Week Munching : Revolucion de Cuba Leeds

If we had to name all of the things that make us happy here at House of Coco, FOOD would definitely come high on the list. Eating in, eating out, eating whilst driving, basically just eating in general is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Our Editor-in-Chief Laura Bartlett loves dining out and recently she went to Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds, to sample their new menu. Here is what she had to say about it…

It was a Tuesday night and I wasn’t drinking alcohol. Not because I am a straight laced, T-Total bore, but quite frankly I was on day two of a hangover from the weekend and even the sniff of alcohol would have sent me over the edge. I have been to this joint before for drinks but the truth is I don’t remember much because I was intoxicated on a night out in Leeds. Can you see a pattern emerging here?

Anyway, I digress. When I arrived the place was already buzzing, especially since it was only midweek. In one corner were a bunch of very confident salsa dancers shimmying their way across the restaurant on their makeshift dance floor. In the other corner where the ambience seemed quite romantic and low lit, I spotted a cute couple whispering sweet nothings to one another. VOM!

I was on day two of my new diet when I visited and so the plan was to avoid dessert, not have alcohol and to just have one healthy main meal from the rather vast selection. To avoid me going ‘off plan’ I had already looked at the menu online before I arrived to pre select what I was going to order. Chargrilled Beef Fillet Skewers : Tender slices of beef marinated and glazed in a smoked chilli jam, served pink. (£14) Served with baked sweet potato wedges and homemade black beans. 

When it arrived it was a feast for the eyes. It was also refreshing to have a skewer that was actually full! There was no scrimping here, the meat was plentiful and the flavours were dancing around my mouth making me wish the dish would never end. The only downside was the sweet potato wedges, they were a little under cooked but that’s probably because they were so freaking BIG!

I washed it down with a herbal tea, which came with a small complimentary brownie which, shock horror…I didn’t eat!

The staff here are as delightful as the food and it was refreshing to be served by somebody who clearly loved their job. I can see why, its a pretty fun place to work and somewhere I will definitely be going to again. It’s perfect for an after work meal or a fun first date, especially if you are up for the dancing. I like it here because if you want to be healthy you can and if you want to slob out and have a massive feast then that is an option too.  They now offer brunch too so i’ll be going back to sample that some time soon.

Not that Revolucion de Cuba is all about the food. The scale and choice of cocktails and rums is making this a popular mainstream place to drink on weekends. I look forward to seeing you there…


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