‘Mindful Menu’ At The Bingham, Richmond

When a new year begins, so does the body cleanse. After the indulgence of the festive season, at House of Coco thoughts of raw vegetable juices and the absence of carbs cast a grim detox shadow on the year ahead.

But, fear not detoxing friends, The Bingham in Richmond have announced a new nutritiously ‘Mindful Menu’ for January. Richmond’s most picturesque ‘restaurant with rooms’ is situated on the banks of the river, with Andrew Cole as newly appointed head chef. Andrew has focused on creating dishes that are wholesome and nourishing, mastering the art of mindful fine dining without sacrificing flavour.

The Bingham’s new Mindful Menu features dishes such as Jerusalem artichoke soup (a winner because it has zero cholesterol and it’s full of vital antioxidants) and delicious pearl spelt risotto with swede and sage. There is also no need to skip dessert, due to the gluten and dairy free options such as gin-poached pears.

The January menu available Monday to Saturday is priced at £17 for two courses and £20 for three courses.

For more information or to make a reservation, click here.

Our review of The Bingham’s ‘Mindful Menu’ to follow shortly.


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