Miranda Kerr Reveals More Than Just Her Skin for British GQ

“The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get”


Men around the world have a lot more than just Miranda Kerr’s amazing body to be thankful to her for, after she claimed that sex helps keep her enviable figure in shape! With women everywhere desperate to have a bod like Miss Kerr I’m pretty certain they’ll be taking her advice on board, and I’m sure men will be very supportive of this new fitness regime!

Lensed by Mario Testino, The Victoria’s Secret model’s latest GQ spread is quite possibly the raunchiest yet, with Kerr half naked in most shots, sporting a delectable tan and beach babe hair. In an interview with the magazine, Kerr told how since she split with husband of nearly 4 years Orlanda Bloom she has noticed her arms and stomach aren’t as toned and she puts this down to lack of sex. Apparently regular sessions under the sheets has kept the model fit and enhanced her famous curves keeping her runway ready!

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Although don’t be thinking that you can put her flawless figure down to just sex alone, Miranda is also a yoga fanatic and has a clean, healthy diet. However, there is actually some proof in her claim, ‘love making’ can burn up to 250 calories in one hour, which equates to roughly 20 minutes on the treadmill, and we all know which one we’d rather do!

So next time you’re about to use the ‘I have a headache’ excuse, go checkout Miranda’s amazingly hot shoot in this month’s GQ Magazine. We’re sure that headache will miraculously disappear in no time…

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