Mirror, mirror on the wall, can my clothes be fair for all?

Who said ethical fashion can’t turn heads?

Karoline Dowson, is one of the directors of the ethical fashion line Isai58… not only does she love fashion but she loves the people who make it!

With almost three quarters of clothing being manufactured in developing countries, competition for contracts can be fierce. Too frequently people are forced to work in unsafe working conditions for wages that don’t cover basic human needs for themselves, or their families, and are often subjected verbal and physical abuse.

Karoline DOWSON

Karoline says;

I decided that realistically the only thing I could do was to invest in those who care about their employees by only buying ethical fashion. However, it quickly became apparent that often ethics and great fashion do not go hand in hand. So as we love fashion, the only solution was to create a label that loves fashion as much as the people who make it!

“A label that loves fashion as much as the people who make it!”

Karoline and business partner Emma launched Isai58 and while they do not claim to have all the answers, they are on the start of a journey where they promise that they will always prioritise people over profit.


Take a look at their website and browse Isai’s new collection also follow them on Twitter (@isai_58) and Instagram (isai58).

Images from Isai58

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